Friday, July 1, 2011

Why Am I So Depressed

If you are depressed, it is because you are not in alignment with your higher self.

You came here to grow.

If you are not growing, then your higher self feels as if it is in chains and shackles.

This is why marriages fail. This is why people commit suicide. The feeling of death within a walking body is like rotting from the inside out.

You must turn your mind away from others, society, and the conditioning of old.

You must turn your self towards your own self...and to begin treating your self well, even if that upsets others.

You did not come here to make others happy...You came here to expand consciously and to learn how to, in this life time, to love your self...

Begin small...ease into more pleasant thoughts in your own mind...and slowly begin taking smaller, better steps towards loving you...

A bubble bath perhaps...or a kind word when you look at yourself in the mirror, or a really healthy meal, or a walk around the all begins with a conscious decision to be better, in some way, moment into moment..

You are loved...You are here...You are part of all that shares this planet with you...And if you let go of the old, you will find more and more like minded people...just like you...

You found this blog didn't you??????