ACoA's and The Law of Attraction

To get where we want to go, we first must become an emotional match to the outcome we desire.

 In order to manifest our desires, it is imperative that we keep in mind what it is we believe the desired outcome is going to create for us. All desires are constructed in the hopes that in the manifesting of that desire, we will experience happiness.

 The true key to successful manifesting then is to--first achieve emotional harmony with the emotional vibration that is happiness.

 Achieving emotional happiness in the Now...will help bring about more speedily the desires of our hearts. Fussing while trying to get from point A to point B never brings about a happy ending.

If it is true we attract what we are--then nothing is more important than tending to how we FEEL.

As ACoA's and children born to self absorbed emotional manipulators--we may have been taught to disown how we feel.  If our lives were chaotic as children, then we didn't have time to worry about how we felt.  Because we were too busy trying to survive or deflect criticism, or gain acceptance--we often needed to repress how we felt just to get through a day.

But in order to use the Law of Attraction deliberately--ALL beings--but especially WE WOUNDED ACoA's--must learn to allow our feelings to surface.  We must learn to heal what has been done--and to  also learn how to make ourselves happy.

To manifest our desires--we must surrender and accept that unless we are willing and able to move beyond our ACoA labels--we will not be able to attract positive things into our lives deliberately.

Stamp your feet--cry 'No fair', if you want to--but all that will do is root you to the spot you are at--like a tree.

Drop the resistance. Be happy now. Make your relationship with your happiness your main priority and watch the universe deliver to you the desires of your heart.