Saturday, November 24, 2012

Tyranny of the ACoA

The greatest tyranny of all, is when a being has had their consciousness manipulated psychologically through the specific reality defined.

When you are the ACoA or the GCoA your reality is defined by denial.

When a being's reality is denied--and boundaries do not exist--and when souls are being brutally abused--and minds are being twisted in order to enable the alcoholic or the insane rules defined by the alcoholic--we the innocent beings born into these circumstances do not even realize our consciousness has been manipulated.

We--the innocent beings born into these codependent dysfunctional, bizarre circumstances--often times do not even understand how sick our realities are--nor do we even comprehend there is a better way.

Fear is the emotional tool used to manipulate not only ACoA and GCoA--but all men and women and children everywhere.

Fear of not being enough, not being smart enough, thin enough, rich enough, popular enough, loved enough, sexy enough, fear of aging, of dying, of losing our mojo, of not appearing attractive to the opposite sex, fear of what others think and etc---are the ways in which society has turned most of us into consumers who overeat, develop depression, heart disease, anxiety, cancer, multiple sclerosis, who have affairs, steal, lie, murder, drink and drive, rely on alcohol and other drugs--who are ultimately unaware their consciousnesses have been manipulated by the reality defined.

Until the mind of man learns to let go of the illusions of 'not enough' and begins to comprehend on his deepest psychological level--that there is no lack in our world--anywhere--unless the man himself chooses to fall into the illusion of lack--and in turn gives his attention to ideas of lack--he will never be free.

We the ACoA who have come to understand there was something wrong with the reality defined by our families was ill--wrong--dysfunctional and alike--are the lucky ones.

Because we learned to think higher, and because we chose to call upon our free will...and we in turn learned to connect to a higher realm of consciousness than the one that was defined prior for us--we are freer than most others.

Because we are unafraid to go where most mens minds never go--we ultimately seek within--and discover that we were enough all along...and that in truth--there is nothing to fear--ever.

Life was meant to be joyous--and only when our eyes are tuned to lack--does darkness have any chance of winning out.

You and me--we swallow up e-v-i-l--when we learn to l-i-v-e.

Challenge the reality that has been defined by you, not only by your family of origin...but by the society, religion and culture you were summoned to.

Live your life, fearlessly...and watch miracles show up around every corner.

You are a warrior and love is your birthright.  Love you--right here and right matter what.

See the good in what most unaware beings see as bad...Focus upon what is harmonious in this plants, the heavens, and the sea...

Miracles are all around you--wake up.