Thursday, April 24, 2008

What Is The Self?

You are amongst a rare breed of human beings. Something within you has drawn you to these writings. My friend, that is a good thing. For in your wanting of knowing, or in the figuring out of why you are where you are, or how it might be that you have more, or perhaps there is something within you that simply wants to know how it is you are experiencing what you are. Whatever the reason you have found yourself here, allow in you a resting sense, a peaceful sense that you are where you are supposed to be.

Life for some is more of a struggle than it is for others. Some of us have been born to more enlightened caretakers than others. But all beings struggle eventually to gain control over their lives, hoping one day to finally find themselves upon the mouth of their dreams.

Our journeys are hilly. They teach us much through the scrapes, through the bumps and through the bruises. But if our heart is focused upon wanting to understand our truth, and in the figuring out of our purpose while here on earth, eventually our dreams open wide and life becomes delicious.

I have traveled through the treachery of what has been, and I have found my way out of that turmoil of what once was. It has not always been pretty my friends. There were many lies I needed to weed through. There were many tears I needed to allow to leave me. There were many ghosts I believed in, and needed to free. But I am here. My soul has recovered, and I am now a deliberate creator of my own reality, knowing and appreciating my life as all that I desire manifests here and in the now.

I have chronicled the journey I traveled from there to here, in a way that suited my own way of learning and processing, for my mind is one that needs to understand all things at its ground level.
In order for me to allow myself the joy of 'having', I needed to first uncover 'me', 'my self'. Further I needed not only to uncover my true self, but needed to learn to love my 'self', which was the most difficult part of my journey.

My belief is that I have much to share, and much to teach those who are in search of a healing.

I know without doubt, that if you are ready to learn, if you are ready to embrace the challenge of learning to love your self, here, through my words your cleansing shall arrive.

Let us begin with what it is you are in need of loving; The Self

We have all heard of the term the self, but what is the self?  Is the self your body?  Is it your mind?  Is the self your thoughts? Is it your soul?  

We are told these days that healthy people have high self esteem.  Esteem is defined as to revere, admire and honor.  But if one does not know ones own self, or if even that they possess this thing called a self, then how is it one can ever hope to achieve health through high self esteem?

If most of us don't even know we have a self, then how are we to ever have this self esteem so many say we need to have in order to live a healthy life?

To begin, it is sometimes easier to define what we are not.  We are not our bodies.  We are not our thoughts.

Our bodies are a physical container if you will, that the rest of us gets to walk around in. We need this physical suit, because our world is made of physical matter.  Having hands helps us manipulate other physical forms.  Our brain has the ability to carry thoughts.  We have an impulse to open a jar of peanut butter, and our physical body allows us to perform that task.

What then is the self?

If your 'self' is not your brain, or your looks, or even your thoughts, then what is it?

Scientist have yet to uncover the very thing that causes creation. The life force within an apple seed that enables that seed to grow into an apple orchard cannot be looked at under a microscopic slide. It is something no one has ever seen, heard or can touch, yet it is a life force nonetheless.

This life force that makes it possible for a male sperm and a female egg to come together and trigger cellular division is the same life force that causes rose seeds to bloom into strong, beautiful and fragrant gardens. It is the same life force that exists in creatures of the sea, and of the sky. This life force is not your 'self' yet it is very closely tied to that which makes up the unique being you are.

The reason I set forth such a clear description of what life force is, is because you must first understand that, that which created you created all that is...therefore you are tied to all that is, all that has ever been and all that will ever be. You are as glorious as the sun, the moon, the stars and the oceans. You have nothing to prove. Just as the sun does not need to prove it is the center of our solar system, nor do you need to prove to anyone or anything that what you are is simply enough. You are enough.

Your self is the culmination of all that which you are including your life force. Your existence here is nothing more than an opportunity to express your innerness. You have an opportunity to embrace all that you are, and all that you feel from within. Here, on this planet is your chance to learn to listen to the guidance you feel from within so to become one with that which makes you unlike any other being.

Your self is the part of you that gives you clues as to what direction you should be going in. When your feelings are negative, that is your 'self' alerting to you that you are going against what is right for you. You are falling out of alignment with that which is right for your unique self. When you experience positive emotion, that is your 'self' sending you guidance that signals you are moving towards what is in alignment with what makes you your unique self.

Life force is in us all. It is in all that is. A self however, is that which makes each being unique unto all other beings.

Each human being has a self, but not every human being is guaranteed a knowing, and or appreciating of his/her own unique self.