Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Forgiving Our Selves

Being raised a good Catholic girl, the idea that I was born ba impacted the way I viewed my self.  As a Catholic I was taught to believe in original sin.  I was conditioned to think of myself as a sinners, rather than a holy and divine expression of source.

I used to wonder how it was that I could be held accountable for the sins of Adam and Eve. Something never sat quite right with me. The programming I received while attending Catholic school made it difficult to connect to the idea that I had a right to question what I was being conditioned to believe, not only about god, but about my self, as well as my relation to all that is.

Feeling like I was flawed never left me.  I was damaged good from the moment I entered this physical space.

 I now understand that most of what I had been taught about my faith was  the result of others interpretations.  Rather than being taught to  believe in my own goodness, I was taught to identify with the notion that I was born wrong.  Goodness was not something that existed in me.  It was something instead, I needed to achieve.

The wisdom that only pain can teach has taught me to question everything.

 I now know that much of what I had learned as a child was sadly misconstrued.  The truth is, I was always good, divine, and holy. And in fact, so it is also for you.

If we ever believed we were flawed, it was because the minds that raises us did  not think correctly.

We believed what we did because of how our caretakers taught us to think.

We interpret our environment much the way we do, because we have been conditioned to believe in others perceptions.

Healing the body cannot take place without first healing the mind.

Healing requires much forgiveness, and it should start with forgiving those who taught you to believe you were born with original sin, and thus somehow infected you with the notion that you were not 'good enough'.

If you ever felt less 'than' because you believed you entered this world flawed, forgive that feeling and then let it go. You were created out of perfection.  Original sin has more to do with mans self alienation as the result of faulty childhood programming and tainted perceptions than it does with precious newborn babies.

At your core, you my friend are perfect, divine and holy.  You are connected to the divinity that is responsible for every creation, including every star, every moon, and every planet in the cosmos.

Love your 'self' regardless of who and what you think you are.  Instead consume your mind with the idea that your true inner self is divine in spite of who and what others have mislead you to believe you are.

Milk this idea until your heart space opens up and fills you with feelings of contentment, acceptance, surrender and joy.