Monday, January 17, 2011

The World's Psychic Disease

The world is suffering from a psychic disease. The psychic disease is a collective one. It reflects the disease that is found in the false self, or the ego of man.

The ego represents all the things in us we do not want to see. It is shielded by veils of criticism, judgement, anger, violence, helplessness, victimization, manipulation, obsession, impulsivity, and denial. It is the reason we repress, hide, swallow and toss in the emotional juices of panic and anxiety.

Life exists within vibrational fields. We acknowledge "vibes" people give off, but rarely question our own.

We project and scarcely look within and concede to the inclination of "choice".

Although animals, we are not primates. Within the human mind exists a consciousness which is linked to freedom of choice.

Surrounded are we by polarities; the negative and the positive. The mind has the ability to choose which vibration it marries.

Who are you? Beneath your role as mother or father, boss, or employee, friend, or clergyman, who are you?

Do you manage the workings of your inner mind, or is your mind imprisoned by the illusions of the collective?

Society has man giving into fear. We are taught to distrust our own mind, We are conditioned since birth to go against our nature..which is in perfect harmony with the breath of the universe.

We are as a rose is.

But instead we have been lied to. We have been taught we cannot trust others, their minds, their choices, their intentions. Our childhoods tainted by fright.

We are raised in fear.

This fear, collectively has us fighting wars, hating one another, competing with our fellow man, lying, deceiving, and cheating other souls. The distrust we project, represents the distrust we have of our own minds. We judge others as we judge our selves.

A fearful society is a controllable one.

Harmony is free...

Fear is priceless...

To change the world, we must first change the world we live in; our SELF. The self is our world and the collective self is the universe.

There can be no change "out there" until there is a shift within the man, The false self; the ego must die. Birth must be given to consciousness. Consciousness is the place in our minds where peace sits. It is the harmony in us that beats with the churning of the oceans and rising of the sun. The sun does not fret over thunder. It is not threatened by gail winds or tumultuous rains. The sun knows its strength. In us exists the same strength. But we must fight our false ego to find that knowing.

We are all enough. We are all good. We are all connected to divinity, and there is no separateness between us. Vanity keeps us competing and believing others are either more worthy or less worthy than we. It is nonsense. The soul is a soul.

Social experiments have proven that there can be no growth when there is fear. When a mind is in fear, its natural instinct is to protect itself from its perceived attackers. Where there is fear, there can be no growth. When the mind is flooded with stress hormones, bodily functions are impaired, slowed and harmony halted.

The freedom to choose exists.

In us all, in any moment is the ability to let go; to detach and to surrender willingly and consciously to the laws of the universe. What will be will be regardless of our attachment to fear, anxiety and our disconnection with nature. We cannot control others, their wills, their circumstances or their actions. We cannot control what lessons life teaches whom or what situations are used to teach them.

Does your mind embrace this reality, or refuse it?

If our minds are fighting constantly; in fear continually, it cannot survive. Letting go and believing in a natural order of the universe is the key to survival. Consciously dodging fear, anxiety, and attachment to things outside of us, is the road to inner peace amidst duress. It is the way towards light and towards the healing of the world.

War exists because of fear. Because the mind of man fears others, it swarms itself in baths of defense. We fight because of illusions; disruptions in harmony; in truth and in nature.

There is nothing to fear at our core. A world free of the false ego, is world where only peace can exist.

Such a global reality is attainable, but not first without it existing in the confines of mans mind first.