Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Books To Read To Help Improve Self Confidence

We all need a little help along the way to well being.

When I began understanding it was "me" who had to change if I wanted to ever be happy, I knew I was going to need to turn to those who had had the courage to venture out towards their own journey of self discovery for some guidance. You see, I cannot really say anyone in my family was authentically happy. So I was going to have to turn towards those other than family members for help.

I have read close to 200 books on self help. What I needed to know was "why" my mind worked the way it did.

What I discovered thrilled me to the bones. Thinking was primarily the result of childhood programming and conditioning. I reacted and thought and behaved the way I did simply because as I was growing and forming ideas about the world, I was being "taught" to react as well as think by those around me.

My mother was an enabler so she taught me to enable and to think as an enabler. It was that simple.

My father was a man who liked things his way, and who got angry easily when my mother did not jump to his needs. Watching them, I became conditioned to respond to others the same way my mother did and attracted people into my life who angered easily, because these were the types of personalities I was accustomed to.

The really good news for me was, that if my thinking was the result of programming, then that meant that all I had to do was re-program my own mind with information I wanted it to retain.

Books helped me get there. Some of my favorites are; The Art of Living Consciously, The Six Pillars of Self Esteem, Honor Thy Self, Co-dependent No More, The Art of Letting Go, Never Be Lied to Again, The Manipulative Man, Healing The Shame That Binds You, Perfect Daughters, Addicted To Love, and an array of others.

Reading and learning about how the mind worked allowed me to understand that me, my consciousness could run the show. I didn't have to be a conditioned robot and react to circumstances the way I had been taught to. I really could decide how I wanted to see the world, but I could not do that until I first began to unravel why my mind worked in such a dysfunctional way in the first place.

I have learned tremendously by the wide array of authors who so bravely wrote with their hearts as well as their minds to help people like me finally figure it all out...