Saturday, June 11, 2011

Self Esteem/Law of Attraction/Media/Government

Think The Powerful Elite/Government Want You To Have Self Esteem?
Think Again.....

What is self esteem? Self esteem is the belief in ones own value and worth. When one has high self esteem, he/she is considered to be one who is able to think their own thoughts, make decisions based on ones own thoughts, and believes in the value of ones own thoughts.

If I were an alien and I were peering down on this society, what I think would sound something like this; “ Here these humans are, glorious physical manifestations of source energy, with every means possible to be healthy, wealthy, happy and wise. There are parks for them to jog through, sunsets for them to delight in, soil for them to eat from, others to love and care for, as well as countless ways for them to learn about laws like the law of attraction. And yet the overwhelming majority of these physical manifestations of energy are obese, lazy complainers, who prefer to sleepwalk through their physical life, while more conscious “elite” beings amongst them control the masses through various forms of technology, media as well as governmental and local man made laws. These sleepwalkers are mindless puppets, being fed subliminal messages through their televisions, music, political leaders, and news headlines. These physical manifestations of energy, have simply given up. They refuse to own their right to know their own minds, and instead choose to sit back, absorb images and information that is nonsensical, degrading, minimizing and fear producing. These very capable energy beings are disconnected from their source, and do not even know their laziness, fear, and submission to mediocrity, is simply attracting more of the same into their lives in perfect alignment with The Law of Attraction.”

If I were an alien, I would think this planet was inhabited by some retarded, mutant life form. It would be difficult to imagine anything less. As smart as we think we are, we have polluted the very thing that without our existence would cease. Our planet so glorious, so able to sustain us on every level, and yet the majority of beings rarely if ever notice the beauty in sunsets or the rhythm of the ocean. Instead of honoring that which feeds us, we ignore it’s invaluable divinity and then have the audacity to whine when it rains.

If I were an alien there are things I would want you to know. I would want you to know that you are magnificent. The elite thinkers; your corporate and political leaders; the ones amongst you who embrace learning, who are not lazy complainers or fans of fast food, follow laws they are using to their advantage, and to your disadvantage. Your elite think they are big, and they prefer that you believe you are small. If you are riddled with disease, fear, and unnecessary worry, you are also following the laws of attraction.

The Law of Attraction is a law that simply put refers to the idea that like attracts like.

If I were an alien I would want you to understand that the powerful amongst you do not withhold this information from you, but they do emit information that is meant to disconnect you from the powerful creator you truly are. The information you receive through your media, your reality TV, through your newspapers and music, is nothing shy then an attempt to have you direct your attention from your inner source and onto thoughts that prevent you from knowing how magnificent you truly are.

If I were an alien I would want you to love your self. I would want you to love your self so much, that when negative or disturbing information tried to find you, you would turn away from them and instead you would choose to seek information that helped you feel good.

If I were an alien I would want your life form to wake up and to stop making excuses for why you do not love yourselves. Your only agenda would be to feel good now, and to keep reaching to feel better! The same source that created the moon, the oceans, the sky and the stars created you. Each being you look at, is an extension of your self. It is your job to seek those of like minds and to spread love and truth wherever and whenever possible.

The elite amongst you do not want you to love your self/selves, because if you did the collective potential of the masses might start powerful competitive corporations, or challenge information, laws and the actions of your government. If you loved your self, you would not be obese, and your health would be so good that you would no longer need the enormous amounts of medications that fuel the pharmaceutical giants, and the stock market. Your leaders of government and industry follow the same laws you all do, except they use the laws knowingly.