Saturday, June 4, 2011

Should I Have Plastic Surgery

Many people these days consider plastic surgery as an option to a body fix, that unless plastic surgery was part of the equation, could not get resolved.

As in all things, plastic surgery can be used within realistic reason, or it can be abused. Certainly a person who is clearly addicted to plastic surgery, or one who fears the natural laws of life to such an extreme, to the extent that there face looks more like cellophane than skin,this person has gone over the edge. On the other hand, if plastic surgery is being called upon to alleviate an ongoing issue that otherwise could never be rectified, or if surgery is being considered to enhance ones own look, without altering the actual "look" of the individual, plastic surgery, can be a blessed option.

If your body is holding you back and you know that with a specific procedure your life could be enhanced, and your personal stream of joy could be significantly magnified by allowing a skilled surgeon to do what he does best, then by all means, consider doing what needs to get done.

For those of us who grew up in homes, where we were taught that plastic surgery was for the vain, or the rich and famous or for selfish people, sometimes allowing oneself to feel "worthy" of such an option is uncomfortable.

For those of us who had selfish parents, who conditioned us to believe that if we ever "self cared" that WE were selfish, unraveling those whispers can be difficult.

When a child grows up in a home feeling like they do not matter, and is conditioned to believe that what others need, think and want is more important than what he/she needs, thinks or wants, as adults we "mush for brains" children, do not always hear what we need inside our own heads.

For those considering plastic surgery as a way to be more comfortable in ones own body, if you in your heart know that you are not abusing surgery and you are not altering your body to please others or to "fit in" to somebody else's ideal, then your mind is in the right place.

These bodies we are in, are merely suits; costumes we get to house our spirits in. Who you are, has nothing to do with your physical body. Who you are, at your core is an extension of all the magnificence that is.

But because we live in a physical place in a physical reality, one must learn to integrate their physical parts with their mental and spiritual. If surgery can be used to make the "house" your energy travels in more comfortable, by all means consider it as a valid option and put all those silly thoughts about selfishness behind you.