Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Negative Social Mass Consciousness=Resistance of Manifestations

I came to the realization last night, while doing an evening meditation, that the whole reason man was created was for him/her to come into the knowing that expansion is not only the destiny of man, it is within man's deliberate control. While I have understood the Law of Attraction's premise, it only dawned on me last night, that truly this is the only reason Man was created at all. The LOA is not a law we can apply to our lives only if we want to. It is in effect whether we acknowledge it is or not, and to not use it deliberately, is like going on a cruise ship and never getting off at all the different ports of call.

Earth is like the Fun Ship. It is the planet made up physical stuff in the universe where source energy can manifest whatever it is it desires through the creative power of a conscious brain.

As our trillions of cells communicate within our physical bodies to one another, our physical bodies make up the cells of this universe in relation to other physical bodies, but also in relation to every other source of energy in our universe.

This means we not only communicate with other beings on a vibrational level, but we have the ability to communicate our desires through thought to the universe as well. And furthermore we can expect the universe to deliver.

If we can hold our wants out in front of us like we would an apple or a piece of bread and just look at them without judging them or placing expectations on them, our offering would be non resistant and the universe would deliver quickly.

It is in our resistance, found in emotions like doubt and guilt,that are created through social mass conscious programming that has helped design the self loathing mindsets so many of us have, that prevents our desires from manifesting quickly.

When we remove resistance like doubt, fear, guilt, worry, anxiety, anger and resentment, our desires rush to us quickly.