Monday, January 9, 2012

Changing DNA Patterns

For those who are not so understanding of the idea that beings are vibratory creatures who consistently send out invisible information to other beings by way of energy patterns, it will not be so easy to accept that 'dysfunctional family patterns-behaviors-ideas' are, at their core encoded vibratory patterns that have been encoded on DNA.

Human beings cells respond to vibrations received by the brain. The brain receives information from what the heart 'feels on a vibrational level' and the heart receives information from the pulse of the earth, also known in the scientific field as the circadian rhythm.

DNA responds to vibrational patterns. Those of us who have been born from angry, depressed, addicted, closed minded, controlling families, have received faulty negative 'programming'.

It will help us to heal our selves, if we begin thinking about our healing processes in terms of negative DNA coding. Diseases are genetically past on from one generation to the next as the result of long term exposure to low vibrational patterns.

Low vibrational patterns of fear, anger, envy, self pity, anxiety, self hate, addictions and obsessions, do not allow our bodies to 'turn on' as many strands of DNA as possible.

High vibrational frequency patterns like love, compassion, empathy, and understanding allow many more DNA strands to become activated.

Breaking addictions in this lifetime, help free beings as well as future generations.

By learning to conquer what has been done to us by past generations, we help build a better future.