Monday, January 16, 2012

To The Enlightened; How To Avoid Frustration In 2012

Man is evolving. For those of us who have done the work, we understand at an unconscious as well as conscious level that the awareness of man is expanding.

As 2012 approaches, great shifts in our ever expanding universe will occur, and are occurring as we speak. The universe was once a minute, compacted 'thing'. Over billions and billions of years, it has expanded into our galaxy, equipped with various planets, moons, stars and galactic 'stuff'.

Whether mankind awakens to the truths of the universe or not, does not alter the fact that this universe is in fact expanding, in the physical sense. Nothing in our universe is what it was 5 billion or 10 billion years ago. Nor is the mind of man what it was 200,000 years ago.

While modern science argues with itself about how, why, and where 'man' originated, the absolute truth is, man's consciousness of his very self is evolving.

What your mind is today, is not what it was 5 years ago, nor will it be in one year what it is in this very moment. This is an example of the human consciousness and its ever expanding understanding of its self.

For those who consider themselves 'awakened' and who diligently seek to facilitate their conscious understanding of the universe and their place in it, it can sometimes be frustrating when having to deal with beings who are not as awakened or as interested in the expansion of consciousness.

As 2012 approaches, and as new waves of naturally 'open minded' children are being born into this 'newer earth' it will become increasingly more difficult for closed minded beings to exist harmoniously on this planet. The old ways of thinking are crumbling. No longer is the majority believing that 'money' is the key to happiness. For those who are deeply rooted in ideas of the material, or in the fantasy that happiness is something only someone else can bring them, the new shifts of 2012 will prove only more confusing a time for them.

Those who are closed minded, and unwilling or unable to think in new ways, will discover that their world is a source of constant confusion. They will experience more disharmony than ever before as the universe shifts.

Those beings who instead seek self awareness, enlightenment, and personal bliss through the aligning with source, will transition well into 2012.

My personal quest for harmony and understanding has never been so intense. I can feel the beat of the earth rifling for 'something more'. As the universe expands, so too will the mind of man. For those lucky enough to be aware of this global shift in consciousness, the upcoming shifts in our universe will be a welcoming experience. For those unable to keep up with the rapid changes in thoughts ahead, the shifts will present them with only more confusion, bewilderment, and pain.

The only way through the upcoming changes, is through ones own soul. Love is the vessel man needs to carry him through to this next phase of human existence.

For enlightened beings, the upcoming shifts in universal consciousness may prove to be challenging. For as you grow in your understanding, and those whom you know dig their heels into their old patterns of thoughts, it can be quite frustrating. While you love your family and friends, unless they open their minds to what is happening on a cosmic level, you will undoubtedly witness their struggles, all the while holding the key to their freedom as they push your hand away.

A learning being myself, one who appreciates just how little I know, and how much I still need to learn, I am beginning to understand more fully my place in this universe.

Love has been the only medicine I have ever needed to heal.

With all the unpleasant experiences I have endured, it was always the love of self that soothed my soul.

When others judged, criticized, mocked, or abandoned me, in the end it was the connecting to my source, my higher power and my soul that healed my pain.

As 2012 approaches, and my appreciation for love of self expands even greater, and as my personal harmony aligns itself even deeper with source, the contrast between me and those I love who are not in alignment with their source will widen.

It is here in this space between the enlightened, and the unenlightened that even more love is required.

I am discovering that my desire to help facilitate others personal growth is not always a welcomed thing. I have been viewed as self righteous, and arrogant. In truth, it is only love that has ever propelled me to offer my understanding of this new time to those I love. But it is truer still, that others journeys are not my business.

Today, I am learning to know what I know, to use what I know, and to live what I know to the best of my ability. I am learning to love and appreciate more my own self, and my own personal journey and to instead teach more by example than through the offering of what I have come to know.

I am learning that very often people don't want to learn. Instead they want to vent.

They don't want to change. They want others to change for them.

They don't want to learn. They just want to discharge some of their negative energy into the lap of someone else.

And this is fine. However, I do not have to take on other people's stuff. I do not have to expect others to change, nor do I have to change for others.

My quest today and for all those who share the same desire for deeper understanding for the sake of the expansion of human consciousness, is that these words bless you today...

Love of self, and of others must continually be our focus. And when others mock you in their unknowing of what you know, love them deeper still. For when others see lack in you, it is merely a reflection of the lack they refuse to see in themselves. Only love can heal hearts, homes, relationships, and ultimately our world.