Friday, March 30, 2012

We Are All Brothers and Sisters

The world needs more people like you in it.

The very fact that you are reading this entry is evidence that your mind is more expansive than the majority of the worlds population. I know this because I track my articles views.

It is a wonderful thing to know and live truth. None of us are not connected to one another. None of us are not--at a quantum level--entangled. We are all, regardless of our race, creed, or religion, in fact, brothers and sisters.

It is my hope, and deeper, my knowing, that one day the beings of this place will no longer define others by the color of their skin, or by what clothes they wear, or what car they drive. One day it will matter little, or perhaps not at all, what another looks like or who that person calls god. One day, the generations we have laid the groundwork for, will know that all beings are from the same family--the human family.

It is the very concept of separation that causes the havoc on this planet we call earth. It is separation from love when one spouse disregards the feelings of another, and it is separation from love when one person steals from another, and it separation of love when one deceives another.

Man, so eagerly in search of peace, falls short of his understanding of himself, and often times draws into his experience the chaos he so ferociously protests. If one is not a channel of peace, how then can peace be a part of this mans experience?

If a man is easily irritated, seeks only outside of himself for satisfaction and or validation, or if he does not yet own his own mind, is lead by societal conditioning and falls prey to believing happiness can only be found outside of himself whether in the form of money, sex, drugs, or so on, how then can this man ever find the peace his false self tells him he is in search of?

Peace cannot be found out there. Peace is a choice made from within, and it requires releasing ones programming and conditioning to ideas of separation, fear and silly tit for tat mental justification games.

Peace is found when attachments to 'things' are surrendered. Peace is found when a being honors the love of self, and dedicates ones life to inner peace. In recognition of ones desire for peace, the being then no longer attracts chaos. A being whose heart, mind and soul is truly dedicated to peace, will side step others antagonistic ways, honor those he says he loves, and will learn to view other beings as expressions of his own self.

This life experience is a play, and in it we get to be who we say we are--or not.