Thursday, August 30, 2012

Repairing The Codependent Mind

Low self esteem is the result of unconscious codependent thinking.

When I expect others to validate me, to accept me, and to love me the way I believe they should, I hold myself apart from the vibrational of love that I am within me.

When I expect others to do what I think they should do--I hold them apart from the vibration of love that I could be offering them on an emotional level.

When I expect that others should be--do--think--and behave according to the way I want them to...I cut myself off from love and acceptance and step into a path of negative resistance...and cause dis-ease within my body.

When the governments of one country expect the governments of another country to think--be--and believe in what they think they should--on a global level we create tremendous vibrational disharmony on our planet.

Science has proven that emotions change our vibrational frequencies.

Vibrational frequencies show up in the form of emotions.

Whenever we dis-love ourselves--we are interrupting the positive flow of energy in our bodies--and causing dis-ease within us.

Whenever we on a familial, social, or global level dis-love others--we absolutely cause dis-ease in our world.

The path to enlightenment begins in our own reality and in our perceptions of our own 'self' first...

For as a  man thinketh--so shall he/she become...

If I love me--I cannot help but love you...and the world WE share...

Healing codependent thinking is the key to freeing our minds, as well as the world of its pain.