Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Sex--A Symptom of Identity--Not Our True Identity

Self is not female.  Self is not male.  Self is the observer of the gender our physical bodies have incarnated into in this time space reality.

Self is consciousness.  In its purest form divine consciousness is aware that its gender is but a role its physical apparatus called the human body is required to participate in as we exist in this time and space.  Self is the consciousness that is aware that all beings--at their core are pure positive energy.

Sex then is a symptom of our gender.  Sex--like physical hunger or thirst is  nothing more than a consequence of our gender. This planet is abundant with food that is perfect for the body.  Raw diets were the way we were intended to eat. Food is meant to fortify our cells and in return our bodies cells flow freely with just the right balances of hormones, enzymes, minerals, vitamins, lipids and amino acids,  But when we willingly ingest foods that we consciously know are not good for our bodies, we pull our bodies out of alignment with the natural streams of wellness.

Sex, like food was intended to bring human beings a sense of overall satisfaction, contentment, and fulfillment. Sex, like food was intended to be good for the body as well as for the mind.  But when we beings participate in sexual relationships with those we consciously know are not good for our minds or our hearts, we too pull our bodies out of alignment with natural streams of wellness.

Self is aware of these universal truths. And although every being created has a Self, only rare human beings are able to transcend the roles their gender, family, friends, governments, children and lovers place upon them.

Even before conscious contact with Self is made through meditation, it is possible however for all beings, regardless of their personal spiritual practices or beliefs to at the very least begin listening to their spirits internal hunches, as those gut feelings are spirits way of trying to get the minds attention.

Our attachments to our gender, others and to the value we place on material possessions is what causes all of our internal chaos.

To transcend mental chatter, it is imperative to quiet the mind through meditation.  Through practiced meditation conscious contact is made with Self.  In that mental state of connection to Self--Self is aware that it is neither male or female, rich or poor, black or white--etc.

Through practiced meditation mind drops as do all of our conditioned false precepts about our selves.

At our core we are all perfect, divine, holy, and connected to the same source.


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