Friday, May 23, 2008

Hearing Our Own Voice

We all think we hear our own voice.  The sad fact is, many of us are simply sleepwalking.  Most of us are unconscious and detached from our own souls-our Selves.  

Look around and ask yourself this questions, "How many of these people around me truly know their own mind?  How many of these people are actually choosing their thoughts? How many of these people instead are simply recreating yesterday, the day before that, and the day before that?  How many people are recreating to what they have always known, instead of creating what they wish to create?"

Hearing your own voice requires stillness.  Can you be still?  Do you know stillness?  Do you know the pleasure of doing nothing, thinking nothing, figuring nothing, judging nothing, not even  your own voice, just to be still? Can you allow your mind to become blank enough to simply be able to be in the moment?  

Most people are in jobs they think they should have.  Most people are in relationships because they think they should be.  But why do they think that?  We think what we think because of conditioning.  Only through conscious awareness can we be truly connected to what we think. Once a mind awakens to its own consciousness, then and only then can it think.  Only through consciousness can a mind begin to choose its own thoughts.  Until it has such an awakening, the mind is much like a feather in the wind, flowing in the direction it has not had the right to choose.

When we awaken to the divinity of our Self, we begin to manifest holiness.  As we awaken deeper to the truths, we are no longer as tightly bound to the diseases that plague our society.  We are hurt less often because we know our offender is unconscious to his/her own truth.  Only an unconscious mind can intentionally inflict harm onto another human being, an animal, or this planet.  As your soul begins to open up to its truth, surrender takes over, acceptance moves in and you begin to understand your truer purpose.

We are all here at different stages of consciousness.  We all live on the same planet, but exist on various planes.  To become conscious, is to move higher and to live freer.  Moving higher requires the mind to become still so that it can hear its own divine voice, the spirit.  The spirit that lives in you will never offend you.  Your mind however, can.  

When one first hears or sees its own thoughts, it begins to understand the 'observer' of those thoughts is the Self. Without being able to disconnect from your emotions, it is difficult to gain the objectivity required to understand you, your Self as an observer of your own Self.

The observer is awareness. The awareness is the Self.

The really cool thing is, as you become aware of your true Self, as an observer you begin to naturally detach from thoughts that create emotions that no longer serve you. Eventually as the observer, you can learn to become the creator and begin manifesting in your life people, things and situations that help you achieve your fuller purpose while here as a physically focused being.