Thursday, May 15, 2008

The Wounds of the Past

Every now and then, we may be reminded of a painful event that happened a long time ago.  It may have been when we were two, or ten, or twenty five  or forty. Emotional wounds are the ones no one can see.

If you believed everyone thought you were perfect, then the emotional high you were receiving truly came from the thought, that then relayed the message to you that you were in fact perfect.  Your security would come from believing the outside world as you knew it, believed you were perfect.  So in fact, your high comes from believing truly you are perfect.

Take that thought and build on it.  Don't give up.  Think higher.  Think bigger.  Think universally now.  Don't stay limited.  Think outside the box.

What is reality?  Is what you perceive true?  Is what other people think real?  What do you base your self worth upon?  Do you base your relationship with your self, on what may not be real?  Do you label your self, based on what you perceive as truth when in fact it is more likely not?

Emotional wounds hurt.  They hurt us in places no one can see.  Psychic wounds are more severe than physical ones, because when we are hurt, no one knows that.  Our environment cannot support what they can't see.  So I ask you, if the people in your life cannot see your wounds, does that mean they do not exist?  Does that mean you are not wounded?

The fact is, all humans suffer emotional wounds.  Being human is to know pain.  None of us escape this physical planet without our fair share of bumps and bruises.  

What truly matters is what we think about ourselves. Even if no one in our world acknowledges our truth--the truth is at our core--we are perfect. The same intelligence that created flowers, the stars and the moon--created you.

In this life, all too many people do not know or appreciate that truth.  Instead they lash out and fail to  choose peace.  They simply believe in the lies society consistently reinforces.  Society teaches us to value money, youth, tight bodies, beauty, and even craziness.  Our eyes tell us the world is a bad place.  But it is not.  The ego of man is what creates the lies, and it is the ego in all of us that believes them.

Letting go of the ego, involves surrendering.  As a child I was severely teased and bullied by classmates.  I was by far the typical ugly duckling.  Because I did not fit my peers ideas of what beauty was, based on societal lies, I was bullied.  I was pushed, shoved, spat upon, and teased day in and day out.  When I was twelve I contemplated shooting myself with my fathers hand pistol.  Fortunately for me, a divine intervention took place.  I believe I was touched by a spirit I never knew, and was urged to put the gun down.

When my father was 4, his mother committed suicide.  I believe my grandmother came to me, and helped me surrender to my pain.  The thought came to me to let go, and to live in spite of the pain, because one day these days would be behind me.  If I had killed my self, I would never have known the day when all the teasing would be gone.  Because I did not kill my self, I am here today, living out my passions, which is helping people know their true selves.

You my friend, in spite of all the lies you have ever told, or believed in are perfect.  You are part of something much larger than your bank account, your home or your car.  You are tied to this universe whether you believe in or not.  You get to decide to live in the light of that and be enlightened, or in the dark with the lies.

I hope you choose the path less traveled.  Its not a busy place, but it is so full of joy.