Saturday, January 31, 2009

Learning To Observe Our Own Mind

The greatest tragedy of man is fear.

Fear is nothing more than an idea we have been programmed to create in our minds. Most fear is silly, irrational and dis empowering. We fear catching colds, failing exams, illness, and death. We fear rain, snow, wind and the sun. We tell ourselves we cannot get sick, fail tests, die, go out in the rain, drive in the snow, walk in the wind or play in the sun. We fear what people think of the way we look, speak, talk or walk. We fear fear.

To fear catching a cold, is silly. What is there to fear; a headache? If we failed an exam, would our left leg fall off? If we got cancer, would we die the following moment we discovered the disease? If we died, would be around the moment after we ceased to breath to experience the fear of that that had already taken place? If it rained heavily, would we shrivel up into a crinkled ball of flesh? If it began to snow, would our cars turn to solid stone? If it was windy during our walk, would we float away into the sky like a feather caught being tugged by the clouds? If people did say horrendous, hurtful things about us, would heaven fall?

We fear because we attach ourselves to people and to things. We fear because we foolishly believe we have the power to get situations and people to do what we want them to do. We want to be healthy, so we fear being sick. We think we should never catch a cold or develop a disease. We think we can control all that touches us, but we cannot.

Humans fear change, yet all that is must continually flow with the harmony that regulates life.

We silly ego based humans assume we can control it all; our jobs, our kids, our husbands, our friends, our weight, what people do, what people think and what people feel. Ha!!!

One day we wake up and we are forced to deal with the harsh reality that is our truth. We have spent a lifetime trying to convince others we are good enough, thin enough, sexy enough, smart enough, rich enough and perfect enough for them to approve of us, only to come to the realization that we have lost our true self all while trying to control what others think.

The only thing man has control over is his mind. The conscious mind; the mind that possesses the divine ability to observe his own thoughts and behaviors, is all that man can ever hope to be blessed enough to control.

Feelings are not enough. Man can hold anger in his heart for his neighbor, but need not act on that feeling. The consciousness of this man that is able to observe his anger, so not to allow his behavior to follow the road anger has lit up, is the holy part of him he can learn to control.

A man can lust after a woman other than his wife, but he need not act on that lust. The consciousness of this man can speak inside his own mind. He can hear the divine voice within telling him it is not necessary to act on every feeling he feels. Once contact with consciousness has been made, true thinking can be born.

Without the ability to observe ones own mind, man can never hope to conquer his greatest enemy; his own ego.