Sunday, June 28, 2009

The Body Never Lies

If we were all healthy integrated human beings, we would never doubt our own minds.  If we were all connected to our bodies, there would be no need to ever doubt our own thoughts.  

Our bodies were designed to signal to us certain dangers.  When our hearts race or when we fill with panic or anxiety, these are signs something is amiss.  Too often our heads ignore the warning signs our body is trying to send out, because we have been taught in various ways to deny what we think.

Throughout childhood, we are conditioned to worry what others think, want and need.  We are programmed in overt as well as covert ways to fear  the criticism of others and to avoid upsetting others at all costs.  While our well intended parents might have been hoping they produced unselfish children, the truth is they taught us to be self less instead.  

Built into our bodies are voluntary as well as involuntary response systems.  All that is involuntary is designed to save us at all costs, including emotionally and physically.  When we feel threatened either physically or emotionally, bells will sound within the cells of our bodies. These bells are meant to force our minds to help us get out of whatever dangerous situation we are in.

Unfortunately, many of us ignore our internal warning signs.  We stay in relationships we know we should end or in the jobs we know are draining us.  We run towards drama rather than away from it.  We drink, drug, lie, obsess, spend, or have affairs all while our internal security sirens and bells are blaring.  We hear ourselves justify or rationalize why we are doing what we are doing.  We lie to ourselves about the lies we tell others.  We justify staying in the emotionally draining relationships, rather than accepting how taxing they are on our souls.  We hear the bells within us, but ignore them away....

Stress lowers body pH, elevates cholesterol and increases inflammation in the body.  Eventually those of us who continue ignoring our bodies signals wind up with some catastrophic disease.  We develop cancer, asthma, diabetes, obesity, diverticulitis, heart problems, high blood pressure and so on.  Slowly we help create havoc within the cells of our bodies, that eventually destroy us.

The key to happiness, is the bridge that links your soul to your body.  On this bridge truth is discovered.  When you learn to interpret your bodies signals correctly, rather than ignoring them, the bridge becomes your guide.  The more in tune you are with your body, the better able you will be at navigating your life.