Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Mothers and Time

Once an ocean,
Now a  lake.

Steady thievery,
Stops naught.

A cornerstone no  more,
Power has shifted through time.

Sands of time,
Slip away.

Her beauty, her strength.

Yesterday, the center of their world,
Today a visitor.

Not long ago; a lioness,
Time demands a new queen.

A knowing heart, 
Now a heavy one.

Inclined to hold on,
Grace urges her to let go.

Life has never stopped,
Nor not changed.

Nature requires not cooperation,
Nor the desire to be liked.

A mothers time, so like the seasons,
Has her own.

Mothers love eternal, 
Withstands it all.

Details busy our hands,
As life slips through them.

Time whispers to us in dreams,
To embrace the inevitable.

Squeezing harder,
Does not stop time from slipping through our fingers.

Intensifies the pain.

Look, see, feel, embrace, and breath.

Millions of others, 
Have walked this path.

It is winding, 
It is wise, it is the way it was intended.