Thursday, June 18, 2009

Rising Above What We See

To only see with our eyes, is to live life blindly.

To not know there is so much more to what is, is to live life asleep.

What we see, is far less real than that we cannot.

Humanity is divine.

Within us all lies the ability to create life as well as destroy it.  True, a life can be lived, without being lived at all.  Can there be any greater tragedy?  

This place we call "the world", so full of the allure of materialism, is one we all must learn to adapt to.  It is a place far from where our spirits care to dance, yet our feet belong.

To be a fully integrated human being, requires the being that is us, to somehow make peace with the various parts of who we are.  It is not enough to be of intellectual minds, nor of robust physiques.  To be truly alive, is to know all of ones self, including that which most of the world is blind to.  

The world; it's thirst for superficial flare, serves only as a playground for our material forms to exist in.  The physical parts of us, require a physical realm.  It is the responsibility of man however, to then find places for the divine in us to roam; to grow; to splendor.

To live, is to live the life we were given, through the eyes of our awareness, rather than through our optic nerves.  Awareness, is akin to rebirth.  Once asleep, and dead, as humans, in each moment we get another chance to "choose" to rise above what we see.

The ability to "choose to think" in and of itself: Divine.