Saturday, January 23, 2010

A Note Of Thanks To The Rescuers In Haiti

The world is at its window, peering at hell.

Haiti has been struck by unimaginable horror. Thousands of children left orphaned, broken, starving, and full of fear, walk the streets they once played on, unfairly touched by the unpredictability that is life.

Like leaves that have found themselves lying on the ground once a storm has plucked them from its branches, the dead of Haiti splatter the earth.

Homes once filled with sounds of laughter, are no more. The smell of death is the air. The rays of the sun, illuminate the horror that has knocked on Haiti's door.

Beyond the death and destruction, there is a mighty force which is hard to see, yet like the weary sun settling in the horizon, it is there nonetheless.

There and beyond the earth that belongs to Haiti, are angels rising to the battle cries. From doctors to firemen, to pilots to clergy, hero's are responding.

In these very worst of times, the world is simultaneously witnessing many miracles.

When Haiti cried, I am proud to say my fellow man responded.

Thank you to all of you, who took part in the worlds effort to help facilitate the healing of Haiti in anyway you could.

In the end, so little separates us...

God Bless Us One And All