Thursday, July 1, 2010

Universal Truth

Where there is love, there can be no fear. There can be no war. There can be no hate.

Deepak Chopra has been quoted, "Love is being unable to hurt or be hurt".

The highest form of intelligence is knowing who we are. The most valuable knowledge is knowledge of thy self. If we do not know who we are, then who do we think we are?

The world is in a rush, but where is everyone going?

The world wants peace, but they chase something material.

Peace is a state of being; a spiritual state of being. So why do minds assume a thing, a piece of jewelry or, a home can bring them peace?

The key to happiness is in "being". It is in the silence of the consciousness. It is in the stillness of the mind. It is in the letting go of programmed thoughts.

My truth is your truth. At our core, we are all connected to the same life force that created the stars, the moon and the oceans. The same life force that designed sea horses, lions, and peacocks, created you. The same life force that churns the seas, and blankets the earth in warmth, created us all. Nothing separates us but illusions.

Profit, greed and lust for materialism has exploited the idea of separation between races, nations, and religions. But nothing, no war or natural disaster could ever destroy truth. Truth just is.

When we think of ourselves as separate from one another, we divide ourselves from the whole in our minds. In that divide, fear is born, anger is triggered, and peace is lost.

But when the mind begins to heal, the divide lessens, and an appreciation for humanity begins to blossom.

Not everyone is open to truth. Some people are blocked and are unable to embrace the concepts of unity. I leave them in the hands of my creator. For everyone else, who wants to be happy, and is open to learn from a soul who has actually found happiness, I write, I speak, I lead by example.

Love is in us all. When we connect to the fact that who we are is connected to God, and to the oceans, and to the mountains, and to the skies, it is impossible not to feel overwhelmed with joy.

What has been healed, is the divide that had us believing in separateness.

We are part of the whole. We are part of the earth, the skies, and one another.

When the divide of separateness begins to heal in our minds, so too does anxiety, depression, fear, anger and unnecessary guilt.

When we realize that happiness is an option for all, we begin to take less responsibility for others happiness, and begin enjoying our own a little more.

When we fully understand that it is only by way of example that we can ever hope of changing another, we learn to embody joy, by laughing more loudly, feeling more deeply, and loving more consciously.

The universal truth is, happiness is in us all. But first we must learn to have faith in this truth, and begin self reflecting, self contemplating, and self analyzing our own patterns of thoughts so that we can throw out what is of the world, and what is of God.

God says, " Be in the world, not of the world"......