Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Complainers and Difficult People/How To Not Let Their Negativity Effect You

We all know one; a Debbie Downer or an Angry Artie.

They find fault in everyone and everything. Their energy is like static electricity. You can feel it. Nothing about them is genuine, peaceful or accepting. They complain about the weather, the traffic, the work that's on their desk. They complain about the old ladies trying fearfully to cross the street. They complain about fat people, skinny people, people with disabilities, and consistently spew their self hatred out onto the rest of us. Some of us just really want to help improve the world and make this world a more calming place to exist, while others find little time for anything else but finding fault.

I get it.

People can only give you what they feel about themselves inside. But if you are not consciously aware of this fact, when others start spewing their negativity in your direction, it can sometimes be difficult not to get caught up in the river of diarrhea.

Complainers are terribly immature, and lack the ability to see within, or simply choose not to because what they see is too painful. When others complain, it is because they lack self discipline and refute the reasoning to accept things as they are rather than to complain about them.

Complainers complain to keep the focus off of them, but also to boost their ego. A poor man may dislike a wealthy man because the wealthy man has the self discipline to save and to work. Things flow easily to the wealthy man not because he is lucky, but because he chooses to do his work rather than avoid or complain about having work to do. He is happy he is busy, and is thriving. The poor man rather, complains that he has work to do and would rather gamble his money away or spend it on fast food and beer. The poor guy just can't get ahead, and rather look within, and learn from a man like his wealthy friend, he will find fault in him to separate himself from the idea that change is possible. But the poor guy is lacking character and would rather complain than to change...tsk tsk...poor Angry Artie.

When dealing with complainers, rather than give merit to what their immature little ego would have you believe, pay attention to the emotions that happen in you instead. Detach from trying to make sense from what the complainer is trying to convince you is real. Feel your energy shift from peaceful to irritation.

When you have mastered the ability to sense what happens to you when you are stuck in a room or you are within the proximity of a complainer, either leave her/his area, so that their negative energy cannot touch you, or mentally and emotionally detach from what is being said. Do not give attention to the whining giant child. Instead hold onto yourself and try to keep love, and peace flowing within you.

Allow the good you are trying to feel in you to grow. Keep thinking about good things and don't get pulled off track by manipulators who want you to buy into their self pity. Keep expanding the good you feel within you and hopefully one day the complainer will begin to see that the only person who didn't like them, was them.

Often complainers complain about the people they most wish they were like. Secretly they wish they had the courage, fortitude, discipline, motivation and character to fall in love with themselves. And they do, they just refuse to claim the right to feel good, and find complaining attention out of people more ego gratifying than looking within.

Truly, the law of attraction is always at work. If you are in a relationship with a complainer, you don't have to be. Complainers complain because there is usually someone there willing to listen to the selfish, self serving rants....You don't have to be that person anymore...detach, leave, but never leave angry. Just leave that negative energy right where you found it and smile and turn away.

{and btw...for anyone who would complain about my literal comparison from rich to poor, I did not intend to imply all poor people dislike wealthy people. It is meant to simply give a literal reference to my idea. My opinion can be referenced to any duality...such as heavy people who dislike thin people...or blondes who dislike brunettes...hope this clears things up for any reader who might want to find fault in the message I only shared to help improve the world in my own way. I prefer to be part of the solution and not the problem ;) Lisa