Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Dear Lisa,

Dear Lisa,

I feel like my boyfriend deliberately does things to get me mad? What can I do to make him understand he is hurting me and our relationship?

Dear Misunderstanding Your Law of Attraction,

Obviously something inside you is stirring. I can feel your painful feelings through your email. Pain is negative. But its purpose is to get your attention. Are you listening my dear?

My question is this: "Why is it that you continue to walk towards and or hold onto a person and or a situation that is bringing you pain? Do you not believe you deserve to feel joy?"

Often people feel unappreciated in relationships. And when this happens more often than not, the person who is hurting expects the other person to stop hurting them.

Dissect that thought.

If every time someone outside of you pisses you off, and every time this happens you place the responsibility on that person outside of you, essentially you are trying to control that person in order so that what they do and how they think, makes your existence that much more easier to tolerate.

And that's wrong.

If you learn anything from this blog learn this: if you are unhappy, and you are blaming others for your unhappiness, you are simply drawing to you more unhappiness.

When you finally wake up and realize that no one has to change for you, you will feel lighter and more positive because you will finally be taking responsibility for your own vibrations. Blaming others for the negative energy {vibrations} you feel within you, is like blaming the heavens for rain??? Like rain is a bad thing....??? I like the rain. I see its purpose.

Nothing is good or bad. Minds tend to want to place values on people and circumstances. But the truth is things either effect us positively or negatively. What may be a positive thing for one may not be a positive thing for another.

If you are continually frustrated by your boyfriend, then you are the one with the issue. He doesn't have to change for you and you have no right to expect him to.

What right you do have is to take ownership for how you feel, and how you want to feel.

If how you feel is unhappy, and that is because of his lack of consideration for your feelings, then it is up to you to simply acknowledge that thought and move on.

When you finally own the idea that you create the life you want by taking responsibility for walking towards what "feels" positive rather than wading in what feels negative, your inner vibrations will change, and the universe can finally bring to you more positive relationships; what you are offering from the inside out will always match what you manifest in the physical.
The choice is yours.

If your focus is always outside of you, you are not "tuning" into your own channel long enough to recognize your own vibration.

Spend quiet time alone with your thoughts and start changing you, rather than trying to control everyone else.

It works...I swear...and I love you...