Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The Secret to The Law of Attraction

The secret to the law of attraction is simpler than one might think.

While most people who follow the law of attraction will tell you you must "feel" as if you have already received what it is you most desire...believing that the "feeling" is emotionally charged and will therefore summon the universe to draw to you the equal of that vibration.

On the surface this sounds simple to do...but it can be tricky.

To force mountains to move, you must have faith in not what you see, but in what you want to see.

Regardless of circumstance, you must, must believe in every moment, that what you want, and what you see, and what you feel will show up.

Just as you believe that the sun will rise today, so must you believe in what you see for your future reality...

The one thing I am grasping however, from all the studying I have been doing on the law of attraction, is that it is not about the "stuff" we desire at all...Instead it is strictly about "feeling" as if what you want, you already have...and connecting to that sense of peace, or power, or contentment, or freedom you believe "having" what you desire will bring....

Please read that again, and again and again...