Tuesday, June 21, 2011

What Is Anxiety, and How to Heal It

Anxiety is the bodies reaction to inappropriate thinking, which in effect is an appropriate response to fearful thoughts.

Your body is not crazy for feeling anxiety. It is not doing anything wrong. In fact, your anxiety is perfectly normal considering the thoughts you are producing in your mind.

If you feel impending doom, it is good for your body to feel anxious. If you felt nothing, that would be far worse.

Thank goodness your body can react appropriately to negative stimuli.

The answer is not to depress your anxiety symptoms. This does nothing but mask the problem, and if anything, confuses the body even more.

The goal is to fix your thoughts.

When you make peace with anxiety symptoms and begin to understand anxiety symptoms are nothing more than a reflection of the way your mind is thinking, you can then embrace your symptoms rather than fight them. When you embrace your symptoms, and no longer fear them, and instead see they are nothing more than a mirror into your mind, then with your consciousness, through deliberate creation of more positive thinking, you can slowly ease out of feeling anxious into a more peaceful one, even if it is just one small step better than the more frightening one before it.

Slowly you can teach your brain to see things in your environment that make you happy.

Practicing how to think well is an art...but it can be done...

Be easy on yourself, and take it slow...practice, practice, practice...thinking well happy thoughts...