Sunday, June 26, 2011

Who Am I and Why Am I Here

If what or who created you, also created the oceans, the stars, the moon, and flowers, then who you are is an expression of that which created you.

If what created you, created a rose, then you are as a rose.

A rose is simply a rose. It's beauty is found in its owning its full expression of that which is rose.

It is delightful, and colorful, and brings joy when we look at them, because they are connected to their truth.

A rose isn't stressing because it wants to be a tulip, or a cat. From the seed of the rose before it, a rose grows and pushes out of the darkness of soil and reaches everyday for a little more sunlight, and a little more nourishment, so that it can finally reach its full expansion.

And so it is with you.

From the seed of those before you, and out of the womb of darkness, you have come forth to reach towards what feels good and what nurtures you.

Unfortunately, many of us have lost our connection to our source, and we move in directions that do not nurture us and instead of moving towards fulfillment of our purpose on earth, which is to grow, expand and be joyful, we choose to stay in the dark.

You are here to blossom as every flower does that you see.

You are here to expand and to absorb the enormous good that is around you, so that you can experience spiritually, through your physical body-joy..........its that simple...