Saturday, June 18, 2011

Why Am I Still Stuck

If you are feeling stuck, there are certain things you need to know.

If I were speaking through the eyes of spirit, or your source; your creator, I would tell you to relax into feeling just a little bit better right now. Knowing you're stuck is better than not knowing you are stuck. So you're already on the right path.

You are an energy, or spiritual being first. But you have been summoned to this planet, which is a physical place. Therefore you must get a handle on the fact that what you see, what you feel, and what you think is being filtered through the physical.

Your brain is physical.

Your psychology is physical.

Thoughts, without awareness are absent of the truer you that you are. Without enlightenment, or awareness of how perfect you are right now; the non-physical part of you, then the thoughts you have, and the feelings you express will be short sided, frustrating, confusing, and very often not even a true expression of who you are. Without awareness, very much who you are and think you are is the result of what others have programmed or conditioned you to feel about you and the world you live in.

If you were not validated, nurtured or if the idea that you are perfect as you are was not reinforced into your brain as you grew, then seeing the world and yourself through the eyes of your own soul, may be impossible for you right now.

Young growing brains need to have their "self"; their perfect self reinforced. We are not good because we get good grades, dance well, are pretty or make others happy. We are good, simply because we are, and we are all part of the same creator who requires nothing of us to be good enough. The only requirement for us at all is to expand and grow in peace and joy.

If you are not happy where you are, then move. If you cannot move physically, imagine you have.

If you are not in a feel good place, then create thoughts that make you move your energy from negative to positive right now.

Imagine being where you desire to be.

Imagine more how you would like to feel when you get to where you want to be.

Your old thoughts are just the products of your physical brain. Your old thoughts have been programmed into you through neuro pathways. You repeat these thoughts in your mind and over and over, and as you do they get dug deeper into your psychology. And then you wonder why you cannot stop thinking what you don't want to think.


Because when you obsess about what you don't want to think you are still giving energy and focus to that which is negative which will only attract more negativity...which will only create more doubt, more confusion, and more anxiety...

Don't want to be stuck anymore? Then use your brain to work for you....

Use your physical brain to connect you to the non physical part of you.

Allow your brain to create ideas, dreams and visions of the very things you want...

Connect from within you to the way you want to feel each day when you wake up, and watch miracles be drawn to you...

Practice feeling good everyday until your brain's ideas have tipped more towards thoughts of the positive than the negative...

It is my belief that all those reading this post will have attracted this article to themselves.

And it is my belief, that if you practice just feeling good, eventually in time what you dream of will manifest in your physical world.

It must...because it is law.