Friday, June 17, 2011

The Truth They Don't Want You To Know

If man can keep you fearful, man can keep you down.

If man can keep you wanting, man can control your wants.

If man has no control over what you want, then you are free to love yourself where you are.

If you love yourself where you are, your need to join the collective masses ceases.

If your thoughts turn towards the non-physical reality of who you are, then your desires for the physical will diminish.

When you know you are a perfect being as you are, then you no longer need others to help you manifest your desires.

When you connect, and integrate truth; you are a non-physical entity that can live from a place from within, free of the opinions and manipulation of others, you are free to create, consciously the desires of your heart and to sit back and relish in the amazement of their physical manifestations in your life...