Tuesday, July 12, 2011

How To Lead A Happy Life

If your life is full of worry, know you are going in the wrong direction. If your life is full of anxiety, know your mind is simply swimming upstream instead of downstream.

Your mind, when uncontrolled by your consciousness is like a speed boat without a driver. Every mind needs someone behind the wheel, otherwise it will simply do what it was intended to do physically, and hold thought. The mind connects one thought to a similar thought. So if your thoughts are uncontrolled, or un-policed, or you are unaware that you can even tell your mind what thoughts you want to think, your negative thoughts will create another similar thought, and so on and so on.

Please consider that which I have just written.

Much of what we worry about, need not be. It is the law of attraction working in a negative direction rather than a positive direction.

Your feelings are your internal guidance system. Your feelings will tell you if your thoughts are not being controlled by your conscious thinking aware self.

When you begin to feel doubt, or shame, or anger, or frustration, use those feelings as a tool to help you think more in alignment with how you truly want to feel.

The goal isn't to jump from rage to joy in seconds...The goal is to feel a little better from moment to moment. If you are feeling rage, then the feeling you should reach for might be one of frustration rather than the rage. Then as you ALLOW yourself the freedom to feel a little better in frustration, the next feeling you can reach for is acceptance. As you ALLOW your body to feel the ease of acceptance, you then shift your mind to create a thought that ALLOWS you to feel a little better than acceptance, like perhaps understanding...and so it is as you try to reach up the emotional ladder.

This process is within your control at all times. It is a process we should be teaching our children from birth.

But far too often people find themselves wanting to stay in the negative because it fuels their silly ego...

The ego is worldly based....

The enlightened mind understands it is an energy being first, and that joy is its only reason for existence...

Ego's are incapable of joy....