Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The Key to Manifestations

Your brain is a magnet. Your brain is a transmitter as well as a receiver. All day long, whether you acknowledge it consciously or not, you are emitting and receiving information, (vibrations). When you are driving and you notice an angry irate driver beside you, what you are noticing are his/her vibrations. You receive these messages vibrationally and then interpret them through your brain. Whatever you are in tune with internally or shall I say vibrationally, you will be drawn into your environment.

This is such great news...because if you want really wonderful things to show up in your time space reality, then all you have to do is spend more time in your mind vibrationally, thinking and pondering about things you believe are wonderful. When you allow your mind to consider only what things you know will bring you joy, and when you allow the thinking of those joyful things to grow in you like a wildfire you increase the intensity of the frequency you are emitting with your brain...You increase tremendously your brains attracting power through the intensity of your thoughts.

Doubt me?

Okay...try this...Today I want you to think about a white Mercedes Benz...All day long I want you to think about a white Mercedes Benz. Put a picture of a white Mercedes Benz in your mind, and consider it as often as you remember to do so today...And watch how often you notice one in your environment today...

You will notice a white Mercedes Benz today because you have keyed up your vibration for it, and in doing so you likened your vibration with it, so will draw it into your experience.

Learning to focus on what you do want instead of what you don't want so to deliberately create the manifestation you desire is the key to absolute joy.

There are no victims here. Just beings who have not yet learned to, or are aware that they are the creator of whatever reality they are living.