Thursday, July 21, 2011

The Law Of Attraction And Its Link To Your Beliefs

You are a creator. You create in your thoughts first, and then it appears in your reality.

You do not recognize it as the law of attraction, because it seems too simple, these things you do so ordinarily on a daily basis, but it is the LOA whether you acknowledge that it is or not.

Have you ever wanted a specific type of sneaker? Have you ever found the exact pair of sneakers, bought them and then worn them? If you have, that is the Law of Attraction.

What first happened in your thoughts, you then created in your physical.

First what you were wanting was part of the non-physical; a thought, and then it was experienced in your reality as a physicality; a material thing.

If you did not BELIEVE it were possible for you to acquire those sneakers, then you would never have found them.

Your non belief would have cancelled your wanting of them, and thus would have killed the birthing of your desire.

If you are in an unhappy, violent relationship and do NOT believe you can leave it, then you will not.

Instead you will remain stuck and overwhelmed by all the negative energy that is being stagnated by your inability to pull your thinking forward towards more positive non physical thoughts. Without a belief for that which you are wanting, you cannot use the LOA effectively.

If you want something you do not believe you can do, or acquire, it can never be drawn to you...

What you create in your non physical (thoughts) will produce in the physical (reality in time space).

Science has proven that thoughts are magnetically charged, and that like attracts like.

Your time space reality is merely a mirror into your subconscious BELIEF system. If you live in a beautiful home, enjoy your job, have health, prosperity, and a fulfilling relationship, know this is a reflection of the relationship you have with your Self, or your inner being. It reflects a Self that has found love in its own beingness.

If your life is chaotic, unsettling, and if you are unhealthy, and in an dysfunctional relationship, it is because your relationship with your Self is chaotic, unsettled, unhealthy, and dysfunctional. Your lack of love for your Self, is being mirrored in your time space reality.