Friday, July 22, 2011

The Law of Attraction and Science Fact

Back when I was in school, I was taught that an electron was the part of an atom that made its way around the atom in an orbital fashion. I can remember being told that the negative charge of the electron, and the positive charge of the protons within the nucleus of the atom, were in relation to one another, and that interaction between the positive and the negative is what was holding the atom together.

And I believed what I was told.

It turns out they were wrong.

Atoms are the fundamental thing that makes us what we are. If we were to dissect all that we are physically, at our basic, atomic level, we would be one singular atom.

An atom is 99.999999999999% empty space, therefore we are 99.999999999999% empty free space.

But how can that be?

In the center of an atom is a nucleus that holds protons, which are positively charged, and neutrons which have no charge. Outside the nucleus, are the atoms electrons which are negatively charged.

What scientist now know is that there is no orbit. You cannot plot the path of an electron. If you were to look at an atom on a screen, you would see that outside the nucleus of an atom is a circular, wide varied wave of a charge, rather than one particle (electron) orbiting the nucleus of the atom.

What the outside of the nucleus of the atom is, is empty charged space.

The range of the space cannot be measured. We do not and cannot predict the range of the atoms space in space or time space reality....

You are 99.999999999999% space...that is electrically charged...

If know anything about The Law of Attraction, and you know that like attracts like, you must learn to understand that this is science. It is not new age thinking. It is a universal and scientifically proven law.

Like charged particles attract like charged particles.

Elements in nature with the same number of protons are liken unto themselves.

If science is now correct, then you and I are 99.9999999999% electrically charged beings, and only a fraction of material matter.

If this is true, then our society is far far far away from valuing what it should be considering valuable.

If we are so little physical matter, then why do we fret so much about matter at all, for we are more electrically charged space, with the divine, supreme ability to summon our consciousness to an awakening that allows us the ability to imagine, and to dream the reality of our desires, and to attach positively charged emotions to those dreams, and thus, by the very nature of the law of attraction, draw into our physical experience the compliment of our dreams.

If all that is, at a fundamental atomic level is electrically charged 99.999999999999% space, then it can be no other way...We by absolute design create in our reality of time and space, by drawing to us what we believe with our conscious mind.

The question then becomes, What do you choose to believe?