Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Married Too Quickly

I was recently contacted by a reader who told me he thought he got married too quickly. He said that although he knew his bride for many years prior to their marriage, he was feeling that they married too quickly once they began planning a life together for the future.

He was concerned with the idea that he didn't feel like he and his bride had a real connection. He felt distant from her. He felt as if they were just coexisting. He felt as if there were no sparks between them.

What my reader was describing was the lack of "attracting" power between he and his wife. What this man is looking for is something "metaphysical". He is looking for a thing which cannot be seen, nor touched, but can only be felt in the emotional realm. Where is this emotional realm within us then? Where is this feeling place? Where is the piece of us that is looking to "feel" within us, that draws us to and repels us against others and things in our environment?

I am going to attempt to explain a very complex subject area in a very simple way...and believe you will have a greater understanding as well as an appreciation for that which you and I truly are.

At your core you are an atom.

At the core of all that you see, and don't see, like oxygen, is an atom.

An atom contains within it pure light or energy. That's all. It is a molecular balloon if you will that holds energy, opposed to water like a balloon. This space is within every cell of your body...every cell.

Within each molecular balloon is energy. That is your "feeling" place. Ever hear the phrase, "you lit up when you saw him"? Or what about, "you're glowing"? Ever feel sick to your stomach while watching something violent on television? Where was this place, or this thing within you that made you feel such repulsion? And notice I said "feel"...

We humans speak of emotions but rarely consider where they take place within us, or even what emotions are...

Your belief system, which is primarily your childhood programming and conditioning, plays a significant role in how you process the world around you...If you believe eating caterpillars is the way to get to heaven, then you will light up around caterpillars because that is your conditioning, while someone else would "feel" sick to their stomach watching you delight in the ingestion of such fuzzy yellow creatures.

Back to my reader.

Without him being able to objectively and without judgement uncover the beliefs that govern his thinking, he will never be able to know why it is he feels what he does.

If in his mind he hears the phrase, "I got married too quickly", then throughout the day he will attract ideas from his environment that support that uncovered belief. If he is hanging out with guys who are single, or if he is attracting other attractive women into his life, or if he is simply unable to make himself happy within the confines of a marital union, and on some unconscious level presumes it is his wife's duty to "make" him happy, he will continually find things to support those uncovered beliefs.

The first thing he must do is, know what he is thinking.

Then he must try to figure out why he thinks as he does. Have his friends been influencing him? Does he need to find a passion for a hobby of his own? Are his expectations of marriage unrealistic, or is his bride a truly draining, uninteresting person?

Until he comes to know what it is he is thinking, and until his core beliefs are unearthed, his life will continue to draw to him information that supports his thinking, through the law of attraction.

What ever you spend most of the time thinking about always shows up. It can be no other way. It is the law.

Know what you are thinking, and you can begin to draw to you that which you do want instead of that which you do not want.