Thursday, July 7, 2011

What Is My Purpose?

If you are pondering the question, "What is my purpose?", know that you are amongst rare human beings who have had the insight to contemplate such an enormous thought.

You are rare because somewhere inside of you you have connected to the idea that your life is supposed to have meaning. You do not want to leave this earth, as if you had never existed at all. Within you is a desire to know more, to understand more, and to find a way to figure it all out.

Which is what lead you to this blog.

You are of the same life force or source, that has given birth to the moons, the oceans, the stars and the flowers that blanket this land we inhabit. That same life source, that causes the beating of a cellular heart, beats within you. You are magnificent.

Your work here, is to figure out through trial as well as errors, what feels right for you. As you collect information about the experiences you have attracted into your life, it is your purpose to begin sifting through that information for what makes your spirit soar. And as you begin discovering more of the thoughts that make you feel joy, you begin to lean more towards it. You learn, as so many humans do not, to lean towards what feels right instead of what feels negative or bad.

That means if you are in a marriage that is draining you, and your partner refuses to grow and move in a more harmonious direction, you must leave it. First mentally, then emotionally and then finally physically. If you dislike your job, and you can feel yourself doing something else that you love, then you must begin moving in another direction that pleases you.

This all means, you begin taking emotionally inventory, and stop blaming others for why you are where you are...

You created it all...even the parts you don't like very much.

But in a heartbeat, and with many future heartbeats, you can begin designing your life deliberately, reaching for joy as the proof that you are moving in the right direction.

You came here to figure that out, so that life source can live through you and use reality as its "thought canvas"...