Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Why Does My Life Suck?

Whatever you are feeling, whatever you are thinking will manifest in your reality, over and over and over, until YOU decide to start swimming mentally and emotionally in a different direction.

No one can do that but you.

Unlike flowers, we humans do not always strive for the light-very often we keep our minds toiled in darkness.

We think negative things. We see and pay attention to suffering, hardship and take on other people's karma as if we were born to do this-and yet it is in exact opposition of the true calling of your spirit.

We all begin in darkness...even the seeds of the most magnificent trees and the most glorious flowers begin as tiny, nothingness of seeds...and yet...they...without a human brain know to reach towards what feels good, a little every moment, so unalike so many of us.

If your life sucks, it is because of the way you think.

If your life sucks, it is because of the way YOU choose to see your life.

If you can read, even you my friend have something to be grateful for...

If you can bend your elbows and feed yourself, you have something to be grateful for.

If you have eyes that can see, even you, in the depths of the hell you tell yourself you are in, have something to be grateful for.

Your life sucks, because you choose darkness over the light...

If you choose to train your brain to seek things in its environment that make you feel just a little more happy, or a little more relief everyday, in as many moments as possible, and if you dedicate your days to seeing things that make you feel less poorly, in time, your life will transform...

It may take awhile to get used to stop playing the victim.

It may take you awhile to stop expecting others to do what you want them to do so your life can feel more comfortable.

It may take you awhile to stop blaming the world for why you see only negative in the world, when the truth is, it is a glorious place to be...

But eventually, by holding on and reaching for positive things in the world, like this blog, or others like it, you will see, your life won't suck for long...