Friday, August 19, 2011

How To Make Your Dreams Come True

If you can desire a slice of pizza, and then eat one, or if you can desire a specific car and then finally buy one, then you know how to get what is inside your mind to manifest in your reality.

You may not recognize this as the law of attraction, but it is.

Acting upon a desire and then having that desire manifest whether it is a slice of pizza or a car, is the principle of the law of attraction.

Learning to dream deliberately is the key to a happier, more deliberate life.

Just as you can decide what it is you would like to eat for dinner, you can decide what you would like to experience in life.

If you want to travel, you must allow the desire to travel to grow within you. When you look out into your environment, acknowledge consciously when the universe is trying to help align you with your desires.

When you bump into a woman who has just returned from a trip to Europe, that is not a woman bragging about her trip. That is the universe manifesting in the physical realm an opportunity for you to help decide whether you want to go to Europe or perhaps somewhere else.

When you just happen to notice a travel magazine at the supermarket checkout line, that is the universe helping to get you more clear about exactly where it is you want to go.

When you flip through the television and you notice the travel channel, again, that is the universe trying to line up your energy with ideas that have to do with travel.

You can create deliberately or by default.

If you instead go through life with this invisible feeling like "I am not good enough", the universe will deliver unto you circumstances, situations, and others to help you validate that which you focus upon.

The universe draws to you magnetically, through the attracting power of your emotions, whether they be positive or negative, the exact equivalent to what you are experiencing internally.

This is why birds of a feather flock together.

So if you are not being treated well by others, or if you find yourself frustrated by your life, you need to look within, to figure out what vibrations through emotions you are sending out into the universe.

What you are going through on the outside, is always a match to what is going on inside of you on the inside.

Learn to give your attention to, only the things, circumstances, and feelings you want.

Turn away from things, circumstances and others, who manifest to you, things you do not want.

Its that simple.