Monday, August 15, 2011

How Do I Learn To Love Myself?

The time is coming. The collective mind of man is changing. Not so very long ago women could not vote, and segregation was a part of common society. It seems to take time for ideas of man to evolve, but they are evolving nonetheless.

I know that one day society will appreciate the value in educating children about Self love as much as they do about arithmetic and the sciences. It may take awhile for the collective minds of man to value the love of Self as much as they do earning incomes, but it is my complete belief, that that one day is coming.

When I stand on the moon and stare down at the earth, I can see how the minds of man have evolved over time. The ideas of self loathing are notions that have been carried over into the generation of the present, from the many generations before.

From the whispers of inequality of women and people of color, to the subliminal marketing techniques used by advertisers to seduce us into self loathing in an attempt to purchase products we do not need that might in some way inflate our unnecessary infantile ego for the sake of profit, self hate, self doubt, guilt, and notions of self abandonment have long been a part of the less enlightened mind of man.

If you have not been taught to love your Self, it is because those that came before you, failed to learn the lessons of Self love in their lifetime. If you tend to see yourself as a victim, and tend to ponder "Why me?" often, it is not your fault. Your thinking is the result of inappropriate programming you received by those who were responsible for raising you while you were still forming ideas about the world, and specifically your place in it.

It is futile for you to think that Self love will one day just show up. It is silly for you to assume that whining about why you are mistreated, unappreciated, misunderstood, abused, ignored, taken advantage of or disrespected is ever going to somehow infuse you with the warmth and confidence of the love of Self. Forgettabouttit'.

Are your listening ears on?

In order to love your Self, it is not enough to just think about loving your Self. You must BELIEVE you deserve to be treated well. But not even that is enough...

In order to really learn to love your Self, you must actually fall in love with your Self.

Just as you would listen to a new love in your life, you must learn to listen to your inner voice. Just as you would naturally find out what your new boyfriend or girlfriend enjoyed doing in their spare time, you need to discover about your own Self. Just as you would automatically look to buy your new love interest trinkets they'd like, you must start to buy those little gift for your Self. Just as you would want to your new b/f or g/f to feel heard, you must learn to hear your own Self. Just as you would want to treat the person you are interested in, you must first learn to treat your own Self.

If you find your Self whining about why others don't take your needs seriously, or why others think their wants are more important than your wants, or why those who claim to love you consistently find manipulative ways for making you feel guilty and thus unworthy when you do ask to be heard, the problem isn't them, its you.

If you want some free Self loving lessons, watch a rose grow. Watch how a rose naturally reaches for the light, rather than the darkness. Notice the thorns on the rose's stems. They are there to protect the rose from those who might try to harm it. The rose was put on this earth to decorate the world with beauty and color. And the universe equipped it with its own defense team to protect its beauty as well. As long as the rose keeps reaching for what feel good, its beauty will abound.

And so it is with you.

You are as natural as the rose, and like the rose one day your time to leave this planet will come. While you and the rose are breathing and growing, it is your purpose to blossom into all that you were meant to be. Your life, by sheer virtue of your existence here was intended to color the planet brightly with the colors that are you, just as flowers do. To not love your Self is as backward as a rose growing into the ground rather than towards the sun.

It is time to jump on board the Conscious Train, and to learn that you are part of something greater than you ever imagined. You are part of the evolutionary process of man, and your purpose here is to help pull the collective mind of man forward.

When enough people finally learn to love themselves, the whining of man will be no more. There will be no more anxiety, suicide, depression, bulimia, anorexia, alcoholism, or drug addiction. There will be no more jealousy, murders or thievery. The world will one day finally learn to love itself more than it does loath itself. But until your mind changes, the world stays a little darker than it needs to be.

Grow some thorns, and start reaching towards what feels right. Love your Self, before you try loving anyone else.

This is how you learn to love your magnificent Self.