Saturday, August 27, 2011

Who Am I And Why Am I Here?

Good for you. Your thoughts are working for you. You have asked, and you have received. Your conscious mind has asked, "Who am I and why am I here?", and now here you are, discovering that as you have asked you have received.

Your offering was the question. The question was summoned through thought and that thought was evoked through emotion. That emotion created energy or a vibration. The vibrational offering of the question, resulted in its vibrational equivalent resulting in the answer. And here it is, the law of attraction working for you whether you are aware of it or not.

Many millions of years ago a great energy event caused the formation of our galaxies. Earth is but one speck of dust in the universe, or perhaps even multi dimensional universes that may exist. Our reality of what a universe is, can only be defined what can be physically detected, and because our technological ability has limits, so too do many of us limit our reality of what is or what might be.

We humans have been sadly conditioned to pay far too much attention to 'physical reality'. Most of us were programmed into giving up our rights to our pure connection to self for the sake of worrying about what others might think of us. Our parents, in fear we might embarrass them, through covert as well as overt manipulative tactics, did their very best to squeeze us into their idea of what perfection was to them. Whether our parents owned tiny homes in trailer parks, or lived in castles in the Alps, more than likely whoever our parents were, they unknowingly infected us with the disease of soul alienation.

The very fact that the emotion in you has been created that has you pondering such an incredible intense question like, "Who am I and why am I here?", is evidence enough of your alienation to your very own soul. Had it been that you are one who is in alignment with ones own soul, there would be no need for you to have the energy of pondering such a question.

You are not alone.

And there is no shame in that. There can only be more positive on its way to you, for you have begun to embark on the expansive, and glorious journey of owning ones own mind through conscious and deliberate pondering of thoughts of your own choosing.

Most humans sadly do not even realize they can question how their mind thinks. They do not wonder why they do what they do or say what they say. They simply create their realities by default, wind up depressed, angry, irritable or alone, and then blame others for the situations and circumstances they have found themselves in, detached from the truth that they attracted, through the offering of negative thoughts, the equivalent of those negative thoughts in physical form that they are now experiencing in real time.

You are not here to create life by default. You are here to expand, and to acknowledge the fact that through the power of your mind; through mental focus you can draw to you all that you desire. The same energy that created this universe created you. In spite of where you may live, and what horrendous circumstances you may have found yourself born into, you can overcome. You are a great creator and through the power of your focus can get yourself out of anything you are in that does not please you. You were intended to attract to you a life that pleases you, although you may have been programmed to believe in what others think of you and want for you.

You are here for the same reason a tree, a rose or a bird is here. You are here to expand. You are here to use all the incredible gifts that being a human being has to offer to your advantage. You are here as pure focused energy, in physical form to use your unlimited brain power to its fullest potential opposed to not using it by not asking such life changing questions like, "Who am I and why am I here?".

You are here to learn to ignore reality, especially the oppressing realities that have been imposed on you by family, organized religion, as well as society. You are here to learn to create, through the power of your human ability to generate visions in your mind about how it is you would like your life to be, and to stay focused upon those visions until they manifest in your real time, in order that you may have all that you desire.

You are here to learn to be as a child again. Children are those who want only to play, who respond only to whatever it is that draws them nearer to their 'vortex, or their matrix, or their center, or themselves.' Children seek only to play, to laugh, to have fun, and thus wish to be happy rather than to worry, obsess, or to be sad. It is innate in us all to laugh, and to love. That is who we are, and why we are.

We are here to own who we are. If we are a rose, we know we are a rose and reach towards the sun because we know by how good it feels that by reaching towards the sun we get to 'expand' and be all that life has called us to be. If we are a tree, we do not worry about what the fern or the sun thinks of us. We simply keep on being a tree. If we are hummingbirds we do not develop OCD because we wished we were eagles. We simply go on being hummingbirds.

We humans are not happy because we do not use our conscious minds for what it was created for. Unlike other creatures on this planet who do not have the ability to question or create their own realities through deliberate thought, we humans have been conditioned to worry and obsess about others rather than to champion and harness our true purpose as divine creators.

Who are you? You are the stars, the oceans, the moons, and the birds. You are the cosmos seen and unseen. You are the wind, and the rain. You are all that is, and all that will be. You are an extension of all the energies that are responsible for the creating of the universes. But you have been taught to believe in circumstances instead.

You have been taught to pay attention to the negative circumstances in your life, circumstances that were created by the negative thoughts of those who came far long before you entered this time and place.

It is time to change the direction of your life, and in so doing serve humanity by helping others come closer to the knowing of who they truly are as well. As you expand and rise above, you uplift others. Through your example the world gets lighter. It may take time to get your life to where it is you want it to go, but in time, with enough attention paid to what you do want instead of paying attention to what it is that you don't want, life will begin to reveal to you more positive experiences.

You will no doubt have those who taunt you along the way. As you begin to ignore what is, and as you practice staying within your mind, inside the walls of your creative vault, others less aware than yourself may desire to discourage you out of envy. As you begin to transform and rise above those who are less willing to let go of their victim mentality, you may irritate them through the contrast of your sudden ability to be more positive. Others may turn from you, mock you and even say you are crazy. Create anyway.

The greatest creators of our time were all called crazy at one point or another. Einstein was considered by some to be far from intelligent. Van Gogh, Tolstoy and Wolf have all been labeled as crazy, and yet the works of these creators are ones this society has learned to cherish.

It can be a lonely existence. Creators who find consolation in their creating are not well understood by the masses. Because creators are born to create, and because creation is the birthing of subjective imagination, often what the creator has found excitement in is so personal it us unable to be shared by others. Others less imaginative who are more concerned with how others might judge the creation, are frustrated as well as frustrate the beauty of the creative process in the creator.

Times have changed. Had the internet been discovered centuries ago, great artists like Beethoven, Van Gogh, and Einstein would have been able to keystroke themselves into an online social network of creators much like themselves, and thus would not have suffered the stigma so stinging as the labels of crazies as they had.

You are a creator and that is why you have found this article. It is not by chance that you have been drawn to it.

If you are not happy with where you are, ignore your present reality, and begin creating in your mind the life you imagine that would bring you joy, happiness, contentment, peace and love. Find the feeling you are looking for and focus upon it. And when others ask you to stop making yourself happy, hear yourself say, "I know what I know and I know I don't want this, and in order to get what I want, I have to imagine it first." Just as you cannot drive through a fast food restaurant and expect the person at the drive thru window to know what you want without you first telling them what it is you do want, you must instruct the universe in very much the same way.

Decide what you want and then focus upon it in your mind through the miracle of creative imagination until you can feel your life turn in the direction of your wanting.

You are here to create and to uplift not only others here now, but future generations as well. And in the discovering of your true purpose, you help others discover theirs, just as I have helped you discover your true purpose, through the delicious discovering of my own.