Monday, August 29, 2011

Reaction Creation

The same letters that make up the word 'reaction' also make up the word 'creation'.

Whatever you react to you, you are actively going to create, whether knowingly or by default.

If you are reacting to a negative situation at work, you are 'attaching' yourself to the negative emotions your thought process has learned to 'react' to.

There is no doubt that unless you 'switch your focus' the situation in front of you will only worsen. Road rage is an example of how one person interprets slow moving traffic as a negative emotion and has it manifest as frustration. Unless the person experiencing the road rage deliberately chooses to stop 'reacting' and thus 'negatively creating', the negative emotions will attract to him/her someone who is on the same frequency as frustration. As the two worlds of negativity combine an unnecessary road war erupts.

And to think...our world is held together in the cosmos by air and men/women on planet earth really, really think that slow moving traffic is something to fight about.

If you are happy because of an upcoming event, in your mind you will experience positive emotions. You might feel happy, joy, anticipation and hope. And while these emotions spew within you, you begin to see yourself enjoying the event. You are reacting and thus creating in your mind through the power of your own thoughts.

The key that many men yet to take hold of and use to their advantage is the fact that all you need to live a happy life is within you. Your mind has the innate miraculous ability to create through imagination all that he/she desires to experience.

We fail as the masses to understand that it is not the 'thing' or the 'person' that is going to make us happy. Its not the new house, or the new car. What we seek is the idea of what it will 'feel' like to have the new home, or new car. But waiting for the 'thing' to show up in your time space reality before you learn to 'allow' your self to feel what it is you believe these things will summon within you, is like not allowing your body to use its arms or hands to get through life.

Your mind is all you need. By learning to react less or not at all to negative situations, you learn to stop creating the negativity that has a way of cycling in your life.

By learning to imagine wonderful things you'd like to experience in your time space reality, you create through the power of imagination. In doing this, you train the universe to key itself up to your vibrational offerings and thus cause the universe to react to your imagining thoughts of creation.

Sit back, fuss less, react less, and imagine more....

Your cosmic sister,