Friday, September 30, 2011

Reality=Programming of the Mass Consciousness

We all exist in various forms of reality throughout our day. There is the programming and conditioning of our family and its rules spoken and unspoken. There is the programming and conditioning of the generations before we may have been taught to believe in. And then there is the programming and conditioning which effects us as a whole on a mass consciousness level.

The goal of this physical experience however, must be to find your own, desired reality, to create it through thought, and then to summon it into existence so to create your own space time reality.

War is the result of generations of programming and conditioning which has rooted in the belief systems of beings born to this planet, that war is necessary for survival. We are conditioned into believing in our separateness as beings, and programmed to not only perceive others who do not think, look, or act as we do as being different than us, we are programmed to fear them as well.

The ideas, beliefs and concepts that this planet feeds into on a mass conscious level is absurd, ignorant, and plain idiotic.

If we as beings were not intended to live amongst one another peacefully, then the very nature of the thing that created us all, would show evidence of this desire for destruction and separateness. This planet, this organism we the human organism not only exist in, but rely on for our very existence, is in complete harmony with itself.

We are the disease...The mass consciousness perception of this time space reality is the cancer.

Thank heaven for the desire of man to go beyond his current thoughts. May mans mind continue to expand. The internet is a wonderful tool for the enlightened, but it can also be a valuable asset to those who do not share our enlightenment.

The goal for each being must be to awaken to truth. It is gut wrenching the moment the newly conscious being comes into the knowing that its entire life up until the moment of awakening has been a lie, an illusion, a confection of familial, and social crap.

We are all drawing to us what we believe, and so if what we believe has been programmed into us by the media, and if all the generations before us were also programmed by their perceptions of time space reality, then today as a mass consciousness we are helping to maintain that warped time space reality the masses have been cunningly programmed and conditioned to believe in.

Mind what you read my friend. Mind what the evening news, reality television, hospital and prescription drug advertisements tells you what is wrong with you. You see, the sicker you are, the unhealthier you are, the more dependent you are on doctors and pharmaceutical drugs, the healthier our stock market.

Mind the warnings about unemployment. The poorer you are, the angrier you are, the sicker your perception of life is, the more dependent you are on the higher powers, and the weaker your mind. Weak minds are unthreatening.

Believe you can never get ahead, and those at the top sleep soundly at night.

You are what you believe you are.

You behave as you believe.

Beliefs create reality.

This time space reality is nothing more than the accumulation of generations of years of idiotic conditioning and programming.

We heal the world, by sharing our ideas of enlightenment to one mind at a time.

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