Saturday, October 1, 2011

Yesterday My Brother In Law Committed Suicide

Yesterday, in the early afternoon, a man that I have known since I was a little girl committed suicide. Fed up with his marital problems, and feeling as if life were no longer worth living, he put a gun to his head. As the police arrived outside his home, he pulled the trigger.

This man would be my brother in law. He and my sister were married for twenty years. Together they have a son and a daughter. One is a teenager and one is barely a teen.

When I heard the news, sadness overwhelmed me, not only for him, my sister, my niece, my nephew, myself, but for all of humanity as well. It is a sad reflection of how poorly man has been taught to think when man decides his life is no longer worth living; when man has been conditioned to think he is nothing without something or someone other than himself; when man has lost or worse has never developed the divine connection he has to all things, and to the knowing that all that is, he is, and all he is, is also all that is.

My brother in law believed he was ineffective at life. He believed that without my sister he was nothing. What he believed created tremendous negative emotion within him, which only attracted to it more negative thoughts and compounded the negative emotions building up within his body. Yesterday the scales tipped, and the negative sadly gobbled up any residual hope or belief in anything worth living for.

This is not over. The sadness that was in him, is now here in this time space reality we all share. His children now feel it. My sister is now absorbed by it. His parents, his sister, her husband and their children, me, my children...we and many many more, now get to experience a little of what John had been feeling.

The key for me during this time as an enlightened being, will be to practice being an allower.

And although my heart wants to crumble beneath the reality of this all, I know my purpose will be one who is steadfast to eternal truth.

We are all responsible for how we think, but we all must also lift others up when we can, especially when they can no longer walk because their burdens are so heavy.

May you all learn to love yourselves in ways as deep as oceans. And may mankind come into the knowing that what we do effects other people in ways we may never comprehend both for the good as well as for the bad....

Rest in Peace John...and may your now unburdened energy join the eternal energies of all souls who have past on before you...and may you know now, what you didn't know yesterday morning...