Thursday, September 15, 2011

You Program Your Children To Be What You Are-So Know What You Are

It has been said that children don't do what they are told. Instead children do what they have been programmed to do on a vibrational level. Whatever vibration or emotion the parents hold within them, the parents will by the laws of nature transfer those vibrations onto their children.

If a mother is deeply insecure, and yet on the surface runs a Fortune 500 company, no one else around her may be able to tell that under the savvy exterior lies a self doubting creature. But beneath it all, in the energy shared between she and her child, the truth will flow, or at least her inner flaw that is detached from her ultimate truth will flow.

We are all layers of beliefs, but at our core lies only one eternal truth. At our core we are all light energy, pure and limitless. Fear does not exist here.

Layered upon that truth are all the beliefs that have been programmed and conditioned into us by those we have met in the material realm along our life's path. If we fear others, it is because we have a layer that is labeled, "Fear Others" we need to peel off our Selves. If we fear the unknown, we have a layer that reads, "I Am Not Capable of Change". If we do not trust others, that is because there is a layer that blankets our mind that reads, "I Don't Believe In The Good of Others, or That I Am Worthy of Trust". And all these layers have come about because of the beliefs we picked up along the way that were innocently programmed into our thinking and thus are now a part of our vibrational offering by way of an unobserved belief.

The best way to arm our children against the disease of a damaged perception of self is to know what we think about our own selves as parents.

What kind of internal dialogue do we listen to in our heads everyday as we go about our day?

What kinds of words do we hear our programming shoot out to us as we stand in front of the bathroom mirror? How de we describe our selves to our selves?

When we are alone in the car with our children what kinds of topics do we discuss with them? Are they negatives or positive thought vibrations?

But most importantly, what emotional information are we sending our children through us on an emotional level?

Is their world a safe place?

Are we in love with our selves?

Do we trust others? Can they trust their inner guidance system?

Do we see mankind as a whole innately good?

Can we soothe our own feelings without blaming others for why we are or feel or do what we do?

Do we lash out when others don't do what we want them to do or what we think they should do, or feel, or think?

The answers to these questions will help you not only understand who you are on a deeper level, but it will help you know who you are programming your child to believe they are....

With much love....