Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Battling Collective Consciousnesses En Route To Individual Consciousness

Conception is liken to the Big Bang. First there was nothing, and then out of nothing came everything.

Only conscious beings can be observers. Reality as we know it is the result of our observation of it. Therefore we are all tied into consciousness more intimately than we may realize by the mere fact that we share perceptions of reality at all.

Reality is the result of observation. War is a reality because we can observe it, ponder about it, speak about it and involve ourselves in it. If there were no one to observe a war, would the war exist at all?

Quantum physics tells us that atoms do not exist in one fixed place. In fact atoms are spread out, and are unmeasurable until a CONSCIOUS observer decides to measure it. Atoms behave according to what the observer believes it is seeing or should see.

There are those who doubt reality exists at all, because according to quantum mechanics, the very act of observing particles changes them. What then does that mean to the average human conscious being?

It means that you are in control. It means we beings are not feathers in the wind. It means that we see what we expect to see. It means that collectively throughout history there have been general laws or ideas handed down throughout time that have been somewhat solidified and accepted by the 'mass consciousness' as what we call reality. As a mass consciousness we have learned to accept that the sun is a sun, and that the sky is the sky. We have been conditioned to collectively learn the languages we speak, the ideas we hold in our heads and the traditions we follow.

As a whole we represent a mass consciousness which is why so many believe in wars, separateness, division and supremacy over others. We can pick up a newspaper and relate to what we read because we have been conditioned to adopt the collective ideas of the generations that came before us. We believe what we believe and do what we do because we have been roped into a collective consciousness that has been past down from generation to generation.

There is a general societal consciousness that includes our collective consciousness on issues concerning government, religion, and even entertainers. Then there are more subjective collective consciousnesses like those that our particular families believe in.

The deeper truth is, that beyond what our societal consciousness programming may be, and beyond what our familial consciousness programming might be, there is "us" and our divine right to see reality as we want to see it.

People hate because they have been programmed and conditioned by a collective consciousness that has taught them to hate.

War exists because all involved are a part of a collective consciousness that believes in the act of war.

Poverty exists because collective consciousness deems poverty a reality, and thus those who have been taught to believe in it, see it, absorb it as a part of their 'perceived reality' and thus experience it.

If our collective consciousness never believed in wars, or hate, or poverty, then our observation and thus reality would be void of such things.

The key is to know this truth and to study its laws so that all beings come to know they are free to attract to them all that they desire simply by changing their perceptions of their reality.