Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Reality is Not a Reality (When You Hate, You Hate You)

The statement, "Reality is Not a Reality", to those who have studied metaphysics, is one that is easily understood. To those however, who have not yet found the desire to ponder the world beyond ones current understanding of it, the statement is not so easily comprehended, although the statement holds true whether it is understood or not.

Any one persons reality is based on the perceptions of the one doing the observing.

A tall oak tree, when viewed through the eyes of a mosquito, is perceived in one way, and a bird perched high on one of the trees branches perceives the tree in an entirely different way.

Both mosquito and bird observing the same tree, but whose realities concerning the tree are completely unalike, thus reality is created by the observer of it.

Reality, whether we realize it consciously or not, is based on the perceptions of the observer.

Relationships get tricky when two or more people get together, and assume they share the same reality concerning any number of topics.

The way a woman perceives the thing called "her marriage" may not be a vibrational match for the thing her husband calls "his marriage". Both sharing this thing called "marriage", but both perceiving it quite differently.

Time, is a concept that was created centuries ago to help keep people on track...but even time does not exist, for time is not a "thing" that has feet or legs, that has the ability to "pass" us. The phrase, "so much time has past", means what?

Space is not space, and although we have been conditioned to believe in these things called reality, time and space, the truth is all of it is an illusion.

Space is far from void. It is made up of electromagnetic fields full of atomic stuff...The idea or the notion that space is "empty" is bogus.

It is a testament to mankind at all that we are as civilized a society as we are, considering the scientific fact that each one of us creates our own distinct reality.

While I may look at an attractive, fun loving, intelligent woman and think, "Wow...she looks amazing. And I am going to try and be more like her, because her energy is so uplifting", another woman might look at her and think, "Hmm...who does she think she is? She is so stuck up...what a b_____."

Although both of us would be perceiving the same woman, the notions about "who" we are effects our realities concerning the woman.

In reality, no pun intended...its never about the other person...It's always about us...

We create our own realities, and until mankind wakes up...and begins to COMPREHEND the vast being he/she is, and that we are all connected on a vibrational level to all that is, and that when we hate others, we hate extensions of who and what we truly are, our realities will fail to be as joyous as our source intended it to be...