Saturday, October 22, 2011

Indigo Children

Indigo's are suspected to be those amongst us who have come with a purpose. They were born tender souls, with the ability to encompass great empathy for others. Unlike so many, who are born unaware of any obligation or connection to others, Indigo's come into this world feeling connected to all that is.

The problem for Indigo's is that this material world does not encourage connectedness. In fact, it is a world system that implies separateness, and not enoughness. Mass consciousness today, is the result of old world energy systems, most of which have been born out of suffering, like the Great Depression, World Wars, Genocide and the AIDS epidemic. If we take a giant step back and sit on the moon, while peering down on our societal "mind set", the programming done by our government, through the various media streams, hovers above not only our glorious planet, but our minds, like the grim reaper.

Indigo's are children who have been chastised by others for being different. They are different. They are not bullies, for they feel too deeply for others to dare harm another emotionally. But because the world's emotional system is the result of many fear based birthed ideas, bullies stroll this planet conditioned to be the tyrants they are. Indigo's unfortunately, because they have been born with such an extreme ability to "feel", are often seen as weak, and suffer at the fingers of ill ideas.

When I was 12 years old, I was teased so severely I put a pistol to my head.

The pain of not being loved was so deep it nearly swallowed me up. I, an intense, feeling child, was bewildered by the vast contrast between my innate desire to love those around me, and their visceral inability to love me at all.

While tears broke from the corners of my eyes, and as I stared deeply into my soul, in my mothers bedroom mirror, I recall distinctly hearing a voice...who told me..."Lisa, put the gun down...One day you will show them."

Over the years, and through extremely painful experiences, I wondered what that message meant. But, always felt deep within, a pulling towards something more...

As I learned to confront fear after fear, the clouds parted, and life became beautiful.

Free of the old programming of my family, and of the world as well, I no longer listen to the news, read the paper, or speak of issues that reflect the fear "the old world system" wishes for the masses to believe in.

With the coming of 2012, only "New World Ideas" will thrive. As human consciousness rises, herd mentalities must diminish. Those who share my ideas of enlightenment have spent their time studying consciousness, ascension of the mind and alike.

To those who think my writing borders Obey One type language, I beckon you to concern yourself less with the mundane.

Know that you are enough. Know that no one has to make you happy. You have all the tools within you to be joyful, content, and one with all that is. Know that separateness is a tool of the old world system, (think Genocide...think Hitler...think KKK) to spark fear and hate in the heart of man.

Know that governments, CEO's, and the elite, know these truths. If one man can make another man angry, or hate, or believe he is in danger, then the one infusing the ideas, can predict the actions of the man he is controlling. Cancer, diabetes, adultery, alcoholism, and gambling, are all ways those at the wheel get to keep the herds in line.

And as far as ADD meds go, I find myself hoping that in the "New World", that instead of suppressing the multi dimensional forms of communication and perceptions children of ADD possess, we seek to learn from them instead.

This world is multi dimensional, all though the powers at large, prefer you go on believing in what you see on the news.

Humans are good....Humans are love...and when you love you, you cannot help but love others..Then wars stop...then obesity stops, then racism stops...then self loathing stop...then alcoholism stops...then divorce stops...Then what? What happens to our court systems, our pharmaceutical companies...our government spending on wars...on our stock market???

Think about it....