Wednesday, November 16, 2011

You Were Born Free, You Will Die Free-Will You Live Free?

Each one of us was born free. As newborn infants we were void of attachments to ideas. Our mind was our own, and we did with it what we pleased. Completely detached from thoughts, our beings felt free to express whatever it was we tiny beings needed to. We did what felt natural and what was instinctive. We laughed and we cried when we wanted to. And we opened our eyes and closed them according to our own will, unconcerned with the opinions, needs or wants of others.

Each one of us will also die. And in the moment our physical body ceases to be able to sustain our bodily functions, we shall once again be free. We will leave this realm detached from any form of conditioned societal, familial, religious or governmental programming. It is a fact. No one expects anything from us in the moments we are born, or in the moments we die.

The key to living a joyous experience, is found in learning how to live freely, detached from dysfunctional programming. Imagine if the world around you continued treating you as if in every moment you were still being born, or taking your last breaths. How would you think your parents, spouses, siblings, friends, or religious leaders would treat you? How would you treat you?

When infants are born, or when people are dying, the world around them leaves them alone, and stops expecting them to be something they are not. We never feel more accepted by others or of by our selves than in the moments we are born, and in the moments we are dying. The key to happiness however, is found in learning to find that acceptance right where you are, now!

Learning To Accept You

It is impossible to respect others if you do not respect yourself. Begin learning to accept you, by practicing self love, self responsibility, and self reliance. Commit to honoring your self by telling your truth. Be responsible for your own finances and well being. Stop blaming others for your downfalls or misfortunes.

Be Honest

Tell the truth even when it hurts others. You're truest responsibility is to your self.

Be Kind

Practice being kind to others, but especially to your self.

Be Easy

Stop judging others, and others will stop judging you, and eventually you'll stop judging your self.

Try to remember what it felt like the moment you were born.