Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Positive Thoughts Create Mental Health

Thoughts become things. What we think about, we bring about. Where
our attention goes, energy flows.

If you felt like having pizza for dinner, your attention to pizza would
bring about the chain of events necessary to ensure your desire for
pizza was met.

And so it is with all thoughts we think.

If your thoughts are negative, and you do nothing to shift your focus,
then soon you will experience things that reinforce the negativity you
were feeling within. If instead you chose to use your power of focus
to draw your attention to things that made you feel more positive, you
would experience circumstances, people and events that reinforced your
more positive internal vibration.

People who are considered to be mentally fit, are those who are
efficient at coping with life. It is necessary to note however, that
those who possess more positive personalities, undoubtedly experience
less unwanted stress. This is no mistake.

Are the more positive beings amongst us, more pleasant because they
have less unwanted stress, and are the mentally unhealthy more negative
because their lives are so uncomfortably stressed?

In this Life Coaches humble opinion, I believe the answers to these
complex questions are curiously simple.

The way someone thinks creates the experience they live. The more
positive a mind, the less unwanted people, circumstances and
experiences that person attracts. The more negative a mind, the more
unwanted people, circumstances and experiences that person attracts.

Want to feel more mentally fit right now? If so, workout that grin a
little more often. Start lifting your own spirit. Exercise the happy
rhythm of your heart, and every once in awhile do a silly jig. Now
that's a workout!