Wednesday, February 8, 2012

A Love Letter To My Daughter

Heaven crafted an angel, and sent her to me,
To care for, to watch over and to one day set free.

The angel you are, lives simultaneously in my soul,
And when you are not happy, in me-I feel not whole.

You my sweet angel have no need for tears,
Nor do you have need for unnecessary fears.

You are perfect my angel, and this is no mommy's fairy tale,
My eyes see only beauty; At life you shall not fail.

Never doubt the place in my heart for you,
Remember these rhymes in case you ever do.

A prouder mother there could never be,
Your infectious spirit is as deep as the seas.

Fret not my angel, its normal for winged creatures to want to fly,
Time is marching on, and you're giving flight a try.

In life you'll need to discover your own sets of rules,
You'll fall on one occasion or maybe two.

Every angel stumbles along her way,
Its how we angels learn, and eventually find brighter days.

Never doubt the love that brought you from heaven to me,
I love you Michelle, Love, Mommy